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climate protection

This was originally planned as a central topic at the summit, but has now been pushed into the background due to the Ukraine war. Scholz wants to promote his idea of ​​a climate club, which dates back to his time as finance minister: “States that are on a joint journey for more climate protection should be able to work together as we envision for the rest of the world.”


Scholz wanted to risk more democracy at the summit, citing Willy Brandt, one of his predecessors. “Our understanding of democracy fails if we focus solely on the classical West,” he said. The strong democracies of the future can be found in Asia, Africa, and South America, and one should network better with them. That’s why Scholz invited India, Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal, and Argentina as guest countries to Elmau. “It would be a special success if the summit could be a starting point for a new outlook on the world of democracy,” said Scholz.

food crisis

Experts warn of the worst famine since World War II as a result of the Ukraine war. The “Group of Seven” will look for ways to unblock Ukraine’s grain exports in the Black Sea. Scholz called on Russia to give up the dispute over safe corridors. “You have to hope to the world that understanding can be achieved.”

When the summit in Elmau begins on Sunday, a key point has already been set for the EU in Brussels, after which NATO wants to adjust for the future in Madrid. This is the Chancellor’s plan for the other two peak marathon stations.

European Union Summit

During his trip to Kyiv, Scholz spoke clearly in favor of Ukraine and Moldova being candidates for EU accession. Now he wants to convince the remaining skeptics, some of whom set the conditions for approval. Austria also wants Bosnia-Herzegovina to have candidate status. Romania wants to involve Georgia. Scholz has not positioned himself on such ideas. But it was important to him that the EU also changed to make it easier for new members to be accepted. “To do this, it has to modernize its decision-making structure and processes. It’s not always possible to decide unanimously on everything that has to be decided unanimously today.”

NATO Summit

Scholz set the example for the NATO summit during his visit to Lithuania two weeks ago. The Bundeswehr will lead a brigade of combat troops to protect the Baltic nation bordering the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. This also means an increase in the troops at the site, which currently includes 1000 German soldiers. “We will defend every inch of NATO territory along with our allies if they are attacked,” the Chancellor assured. In addition, the problem in Madrid is to unblock Turkey’s blockade of Finland and Sweden which joins NATO. So far, no agreement is in sight.

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