Fear of diarrhea, runners brush their teeth with mineral water

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Friday September 22, 2023 11:30 a.m. WIB

Stefan Bradl has a way to avoid diarrhea during the 2023 Indian MotoGP. (AFP/JOHN THYS)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

LCR Honda Driver Stefan Bradl take anticipatory measures to maintain conditions during your appearance Indian MotoGP 2023, from September 22 to 24. One of them is Bradl who brushes his teeth with mineral water.

Apart from the late visa issue, one of the highlights ahead of the 2023 Indian MotoGP is the food factor. For most riders and team members, the Indian MotoGP series is the first opportunity to visit the South Asian country.

The important thing that riders and team members take care of is consuming the right food. Dorna has issued a warning to all parties participating in the Indian MotoGP, riders and journalists, to ensure that the food they consume is not contaminated.

Bradl, who replaced Alex Rins in the LCR Honda team in the 2023 Indian MotoGP race, is aware of this. The German runner admitted to doing everything he could to avoid stomach problems and diarrhea.

“Yes, I’m very careful. I even brush my teeth with mineral water,” Bradl was quoted as saying. Speed ​​Week.

Bradl is among the riders who have no visa issues during the 2023 Indian MotoGP. The 33-year-old rider also commented on the traffic chaos in India.

“I’m not protesting, everything went well. I got my visa last Wednesday. I took a taxi from the hotel to the circuit, it was no problem,” Bradl said.

“But when it comes to traffic, I don’t want to drive myself, because it’s very chaotic. That’s why the team rented a shuttle. Every local driver drives as he likes, like in the most Asian countries,” Bradl said.

The Indian MotoGP Sprint Race 2023 will take place on Saturday (23/9) at 17:00 WIB. Meanwhile, the live broadcast of Indian MotoGP 2023 on Trans7 will take place on Sunday (24/9) starting at 5:00 p.m. WIB.

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