Fatima Sheikh, India’s first forgotten Muslim teacher

Fatima taught at a school for girls in the 1840s.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI — On January 9, Google honored reformer and educator Fatima Sheikh with a doodle on its homepage on her 191st birthday. This character is widely known as India’s first female Muslim teacher.

reported from Turkish Radio and Television (TRT World), Tuesday (1/11/2022), Fatima taught at a school for girls in the 1840s. He continued to practice despite strong opposition from feudal lords and conservatives who followed a rigid caste system. Moreover, it was a time when only the privileged had access to schools.

But his services have been largely forgotten by society today, and there is even debate over the exact date of his birth. People are once again drawn to her story amid fears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government is systematically undermining minorities, especially Muslims.

“We don’t see any score or event leading up to it with any degree of neutrality. I think there was a desire to demonize (Muhammad Ali) Jinnah and what happened in the 25 years before 1947,” Amnesty International India chief Aakar Patel told reporters. TRT World.

“Therefore, there is a reluctance to try to understand what Muslim life was like before the secession,” he added.

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