Fajar/Rian Win thanks to ‘Ayang’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

men’s doubles coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi joke about the key to success Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto champion Indonesia Masters 2022.

Shortly before the Fajar/Rian press conference, the serious-faced Herry IP asked for time to speak. Herry IP then explained the key to Fajar/Rian’s victory.

“They are champions because there are babyhis [pacar] on [tribune]there is Dear-his. So they’re in a good mood.”

“For me, Fajar/Rian at the Indonesia Masters are amazing. I hope they can keep it going,” said Herry IP, who was then greeted with laughter.

Fajar then attempted to respond to Herry IP’s response to this.

“Not only him [pacar] Who is watching. Because we play for the community, ourselves, the coach and everyone.”

“Maybe it’s because he’s watching it for the first time, so there’s more motivation,” Fajar said.

After winning the Indonesia Masters, Fajar/Rian will fight again at the Indonesia Open.

“After that there is the Indonesia Open Super 1000. We are champions here, but after that we are no longer champions.”

“Tomorrow morning we will resume training. Don’t let it happen [juara Indonesia Masters] like a burden,” Fajar said.

Herry IP recalled that the competition at the Indonesia Open would be tougher because there were men’s doubles from Japan and India also taking part.

“Competition in men’s doubles is tight. There are also Indian and Japanese doubles who have just played at the Indonesia Open. Physically they are fresher,” said Herry IP.

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