Empower businesses to explore the potential of generative AI for digital transformation

Jakarta: IBM today hosted a consulting forum themed “Reinventing Business Value in the Era of Generative AI”.

This forum presents the use of generative AI; such as improving customer experience, application modernization and human resources management. Case study examples are also provided by businessmen from various sectors such as banking, transportation, telecommunications, energy and utilities, and mining in Indonesia.

An IBM-backed International Data Corporation study titled “Charting the Journey to Value: Harnessing Technologies for Sustainable and Resilient Growth,” covering 600 companies and 17 industries in Asia Pacific, found that 71 percent of organizations in Indonesia , Australia, China, India, Korea and Singapore are struggling to create transformational value from digital investments.

According to the study, Indonesian organizations, in particular, face challenges in sustainable innovation compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, posed by constraints on IT skills and capabilities.

As companies adopt generative AI, they attempt to balance massive value creation with risk mitigation. They need to be confident that the AI ​​they use to make important decisions is trustworthy and reliable, and they need to have basic “AI for business” skills to maximize AI’s potential. .

According to a study commissioned by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 75% of global CEOs surveyed said companies that adopt the most advanced generative AI will gain a competitive advantage in the future.

Nearly half of CEOs (43%) have integrated generative AI into their business decisions to inform strategic decisions, while 36% use it for operational decisions and 50% integrate it into their products and services.

As businesses look to increase productivity and reduce costs while optimizing operations with AI, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson, a leading telecommunications provider in Indonesia, recently collaborated with IBM Indonesia to consolidate the data storage infrastructure and create a unified working environment in the cloud within its organization.

Chirag Sukhadia, head of enterprise data analytics at Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, said an integrated data platform will include start-to-finish automation, providing a comprehensive data model and governance for standards-compliant security.

Deep Bhau, Managing Partner, Indonesia, IBM Consulting, said: “IBM Consulting’s Center of Excellence for Generative AI and Watsonx bring their expertise in generative AI technologies to help clients determine their adoption strategies for value-added uses of generative AI.

IBM seems very active in the campaign for generative AI via the Watsonx solution in recent months in Indonesia. Deep said there is huge potential in the automation segment for Indonesian companies. “We estimate that around 30% of existing processes can adopt automation using generative AI,” he said.

When training and developing AI, business or organizational data is required. Privacy issues can be problematic because the primary customer experience is about providing personalized service. This is why personalization is one of the features that companies offer to their customers.

Regarding this, Ian Lubis, CEO of Aero Systems Indonesia, said that it is necessary to use generative AI to provide a good customer experience, while respecting privacy policies and global regulations. “We serve not only domestic customers but also international customers. Therefore, we also comply with privacy policies such as GDPR,” he said.

IOH also expressed the same thing. Chirag said that they are very serious about protecting consumer data privacy. “This commitment is also strengthened with the presence of the government policy for the protection of personal data.” Chirag concluded by stating that the implementation of generative AI is still at the beginning of the journey.

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