Due to discrimination, Indian Muslims suffer from mental stress

Indian Muslims suffer from mental stress because they are targets of Islamophobia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI — Sania Ahmad, a journalist and activist based in India’s capital, New Delhi, the first day of 2022 turned out to be terrible. She was surprised to find her name on an app, Bulli Bai, where hundreds of outspoken Muslim women are auctioned off online.

“Being active every day and trying to live a normal life takes superhuman effort considering you have to deal with hate every day. It takes strength to stand up, even knowing that society hates you,” Ahmad said. TRT World.

However, this is not the first time Ahmad has been the target of online harassment. A few months earlier, her name had also appeared on another app published on the same Github platform, “Sulli Deals”, where a far-right group posted photos of Muslim women and auctioned them off online.

Such incidents had a negative impact on Ahmad’s mental health.

“The mental stress has definitely become more acute. We have seen how widespread discrimination and hatred against the Muslim community has become,” Sania said.

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