Dua Lipa releases her new single “Houdini”

This electro-disco sounding hit was produced by Kevin Parker or better known as Tame Impala.Screenshot

The Queen of Pop (sorry Taylor Swift) is released new single, Houdinimore than three years after his last album.

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He was one of the greatest wizards of his time, he is one of the biggest stars of today. Dua Lipa paid tribute to him with Houdinia hit with an electro-disco sound calibrated for “the charts,” released this Friday.

Three and a half years after the release of the album Future Nostalgia, the new single from the British-Albanian singer should please fans of psychedelic pop as it was co-produced by Australian artist Kevin Parker, better known as Tame Impala. Here we find touches of this artist’s music from the indie scene as well as his voice, because he also sings in the choir.

Watch the clip Houdini 👇

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Dua Lipa teased their collaboration on Instagram by sharing a photo accompanied by the musician in the studio. The two artists have also collaborated together on the soundtrack for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film, which was also a hit Dance the Night Away.

Earlier this week, the pop star was spotted on the streets of London promoting her new song. Accompanied by his team, the singer went to meet his fans to give them a preview Houdini before being released.

With Houdini, Dua Lipa also provided a glimpse at her next album, the release date of which has not yet been announced. A third album that is “still pop but different sonically” according to him. (sbo)

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