Don’t be afraid of AI, Allah’s creation will always be superior


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) talks about the rapid advancements in technology. Jokowi asked Indonesian people not to be allergic and afraid of technology artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence.

“I ask you once again, do not be allergic to technology. Do not avoid technological change. Do not be afraid of intelligent machines, of AI,” Jokowi said in his speech during the session public of the 60th anniversary of Bogor. Agricultural Institute (IPB) Bogor Regency, West Java, Friday (9/15/2023).

Jokowi said that many countries are afraid of artificial intelligence. This, Jokowi said, was implied by state leaders at the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, the G7 Summit in Japan and the G20 Summit in India some time ago.

“Because yesterday at the G7, at the G20, at the ASEAN summit, everyone was talking about AI, all the countries were very afraid of AI. The regulations do not yet exist, the rules do not don’t exist yet, AI continues to work, continues to change. It’s all being discussed. This means we must anticipate and prepare,” he said.

Jokowi believes technology cannot defeat humans. He believes that humans, who are God’s creation, will always be superior.

“Again, don’t be afraid of intelligent machines, with AI. Technology will not be able to beat humans. Believe it. Technology will not be able to beat humans because machines only have fleas, but humans have hearts and feelings. “There are no machines and I believe that Allah SWT’s creation will always be higher and nobler,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi therefore asked Indonesia to prepare and anticipate technological developments. He also hopes that IPB can produce superior and competent human resources to face the challenges of the times.

“Therefore, I want IPB to be a means of producing superior people who are not only competent in academic matters, but who also have good character, good morals, who love the country, who demonstrate a great optimism and who always want to help others and “I am sure that IPB University can really play this role,” said Jokowi.


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