discovered Mayo College which trains the nation’s elite



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India: discover Mayo College which trains the country’s elite

India: discover Mayo College which trains the country’s elite – (France 2)

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France 2 – L. Berbey, J. Pilorge, A. Forget

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Tuesday 31 October 13 Heures takes you on a tour of Mayo College, located in Ajmer, India. This institution is one of the most prestigious in the country and trains future elites.

He A elite boarding school with strict discipline. Every day, the students were simply woken up 6 hours in the morning. Divyraj Singh Rathore Has been a student here since he was 10 years old. His schedule was perfect, he only had 10 minutes to prepare. On mayo Campus own Ajmer (India)thoroughness and discipline are keywords. Erected in 1875 by British colonialists, this building was intended for the sons of Maharajas, the princes who ruled in western India. Today, that is mayo Campuskeep for boys, has given the mission to train all the sons of the Indian high society.

10,000 euros per year

In total, 800 boys attend the most demanding education in the country. That day, Divyraj Singh Rathore attend English classes. Here, English teachers not only teach Shakespearean language, they also discuss complex and current geopolitical issues. Excellent education applies in all fields, even outside the school environment. One year of school mayo Campus it costs almost 10,000 euros, or 30 times the average monthly salary in India.

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