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Berlin (dpa) – Green Party politician Anton Hofreiter has spoken out in favor of no longer approving arms exports in the dictatorship. “If you send weapons, then to EU and NATO member countries or to Ukraine because it is a democracy that is being attacked,” Hofreiter told the German Press Office.

In addition, one must carefully consider whether there is a geostrategic interest. “In the case of dictatorships, that’s not really in our geostrategic interest, because with dictatorships you never know which way they’re going to turn.”

Hofreiter can envision shipping to India

Hofreiter again cited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as examples, which he said should no longer accept German weaponry. For both countries, traffic light SPD, Greens and FDP will continue to approve arms exports. According to current figures from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, three export licenses with a total value of 893,550 euros were issued for Saudi Arabia in the first half of this year, and for the UAE there were 30 with a value of 59.7 million euros.

“A country like the United Arab Emirates is a dictatorship. You could also call it a monarchy, but it’s actually a dictatorship,” said Hofreiter. He pointed out that the UAE in Libya is working with General Khalifa Haftar, supported by Russian Wagner mercenaries, and supporting the uprising in Sudan. “It’s not in our geostrategic interest.”

Nor did he give much thought to arms exports to Egypt, Hofreiter said. Outside the EU and NATO, on the other hand, he could envision sending to India, for example, a democracy where the bulk of its army is equipped by Russia. “Maybe we can make India more favorable to us with certain exports,” said the Green politician. But in principle, weaponry should no longer be given to dictatorships.

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