Diesel sales in India up 48% in first two weeks of June

The state-controlled retailer sold 3.4 million tonnes of diesel from June 1-14, up 47.8% from the same period a year earlier and 12% from the same period last month, according to the data. Gasoline sales rose to 1.28 million tonnes, an increase of 54.2% over the previous year.

The government on Wednesday downplayed concerns over fuel supply, saying unprecedented demand growth had created some temporary logistics problems in more remote locations.

“The increase in demand is due to a seasonal increase in demand due to agricultural activities, (and) wholesale buyers shifting their purchases to retail outlets,” said the Minister of Oil and Gas Development in a press release.

State-owned Indian Oil Corp, Hindustan Petroleum Corp and BPCL own about 90% of the country’s fuel retail outlets.

“Oil companies have prepared for this problem by increasing inventories at depots and terminals, increasing truck movement to service retail outlets, and extending working hours at depots and terminals,” the Federal Minister for Petroleum said.

“The company ensures that sufficient stocks of gasoline and diesel are available to meet this additional demand,” the minister added.

Below is a table of data on initial fuel sales in India, by volume in thousands of tonnes.

Product June %chg yr/yr %chg m/m


Gasoline 1281.9 54.2 0.8

Diesel 3395.7 47.8 12

Jet fuel 242.9 125.1 1.2

Disbursed 1064.8 4.21 2.9

petroleum gas

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