Devolver, irreverent indie publisher, sets conference date for summer 2022

Via a completely crazy trailer (as usual) publisher Digital Developer inaugurated the holding of its traditional summer conference. The latter will be an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming game and, why not, reveal some surprises to us.

Known for leading the independent world and possessing an unusual sense of humor, conferences Developer it is often an opportunity to experience moments of great laughter interspersed with announcements and little nuggets. For this year 2022, the publisher pokes fun at the timer that precedes the big event, building its conference for a thirty-minute countdown, hence the name. Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing. The madness starts with the name of the show.

The ending of the trailer shows a big surprise, with the arrival of Suda51. The creator of the famous No More Heroes, Killer7 or Lollipop Chainsaw. The latter was found here in video format inside the mecha that was supposed to host that night. It remains to be seen if this great man’s presence at the event implies that he has something to offer us, or if it’s just a matter of new madness. Developer.

From this conference, which will be held on June 10 midnight home and set to broadcast on YouYube, we were especially expecting news from Cult of the Lamb, a game that caused quite a stir when it was announced at Gamescom last year. The publisher also promises no less than four new game announcements which, no doubt, will honor the publisher’s reputation.

humor Developerpresence of Suda51some announcements… This new iteration of the Devolver Show promises to be rich in unforgettable moments that we won’t fail to summarize for you as soon as it airs. And you, what did you expect?

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