Designed between India and Mouvallois garage, O’Naan takes the gourmet desert on a journey

O’Naan is Friche Gourmand’s new stand in Marcq. Hosted by Liam, a 32-year-old Marcquois from Birmingham, it is the conclusion of an unusual story. Between Indian bread, Egyptian spices, and the laboratory under Mouvallois’ garage.

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The place is at the bottom of the Friche gourmande, this “food court” was originally from Fiev and now from Marcquois (read elsewhere). A space with promises from elsewhere, responding to the sweet name of flatbread (“ between pita bread and pizza bread ) originating from India, namely naan.

Therefore, O’Naan moved to the old factory on rue Nationale in early April. The owner of the Friche had sampled the concept Liam had developed a few weeks earlier, he loved it, he proposed to Marcquois from Birmingham to complete the venue’s culinary offerings. The concept is naans garnished with dishes from around the world, often spicy, never spicy. Imagine at the bottom of Mouvallois’ garage during confinement…” I was looking for something around fast food quality. I’ve always dreamed of owning a food truck, I love being in front of customers, eating on the go, on the road… Looking for original ideas, Liam then remembers its origins. ” I come from Birmingham. There, 30% of the population comes from India. I eat naans regularly, especially near football stadiums, before games. Already at that point, I was making a sandwich with naan bread… »

With chicken, pork or summer vegetables

The desire for independence, world cuisine, childhood memories, all combined with training as a cook in New Zealand where she lived for three years, with experience as chef de partie at Meert, the ingredients are there to develop original ideas. Liam takes advantage of the confinement to lock himself in his cousin’s garage in Mouvaux, where the latter, a pastry chef, has set up a laboratory… The first dish I made was the chicken tika naan bread, chicken marinated in Indian spices and cooked over charcoal, with chutney sauce. . . »

Liam decided to test out his sandwich, offering it up on Instagram. ” People come to pick up their orders at my cousin’s garage, in Mouvaux… she smiled. And it worked. To seduce boss Friche…” He offered me to change the Too Schuss standLiam said. I’m here until October. Three garnished naans are on the menu: chicken tika, another with pulled pork and a vegetarian one with summer vegetables and Egyptian spices. Indian curry is also on the menu. ” It works really well smiled Liam. After all that, he would see himself opening, eventually, his own food truck, or his shop. Around naan, always.

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