Democracy in India: A vibrant democracy, says Biden at White House, defending Prime Minister Modi’s invitation to state visit | world news

WASHINGTON: Characterizing India as ‘alive’. democracy“the Biden White House On Monday he dismissed implied criticism of the health India’s democracy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi in connection with his forthcoming state visit to the US, while indicating that promoting a “deeper, stronger partnership and friendship” with New Delhi would be a priority for the future.
“India is a vibrant democracy. Anyone who happens to come to New Delhi can see that for themselves,” White House strategic communications coordinator John Kirby clapped back at National Public Radio’s Asma Khalid, who asked if the Biden administration was “in.” everyone is concerned about the health of democracy in India.”
However, Kirby hinted that the issue could play a role during the state visit, saying: “You can do that with friends; you’re supposed to do this with friends — you’re never afraid to voice any concerns we might have to anyone in the world.”

“But this visit is really about developing what is now and hopefully creating a deeper, stronger partnership and friendship for the future,” he added.
Earlier, Khalid wanted to explain to the officials why Prime Minister Modi deserved the state visit, even though the government had “put a very big focus on the divide between autocracies and democracies and there have been questions about the health of Indian democracy under Narendra Modi.”

“There are countless reasons why India is certainly not only important bilaterally between our two nations, but also multilaterally on very many levels. And the President very much looks forward to having Prime Minister Modi here to discuss all of these issues and to make progress and deepening.” “This partnership and this friendship,” Kirby said after highlighting the strong defense, security and economic relations between the two countries.
Separately, a State Department spokesman said the US looks forward to hosting the state visit and “our partnership with India is one of our most momentous.”
While Modi’s forthcoming visit to the US has drawn negative reactions from his left-libertarian critics, Washington and many other foreign capitals are brushing aside the criticism in favor of a strategic partnership with India. The Indian Prime Minister has also received an unprecedented (for New Delhi) second invitation to address the US Congress.
He is also expected to attend the French Bastille Day military parade in Paris on July 14 with President Emmanuel Macron after being successfully deployed to Australia last month. Neither country seems particularly concerned about the Modi government’s supposedly autocratic leanings, which has riled the Congress party and its allies and supporters in India and beyond, despite occasional murmurs of disapproval.
Regard India is a vibrant democracy. Visit Delhi and see for yourself: The White House

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