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Beijing Express: Shock Duos back from Wednesday 6th July 2022 on M6. Find Stéphane Rotenberg and the celebrity couple participating in the famous red backpack race.

Did you expect it? Beijing Express finally back with the special edition “Duos de choc”!

After 15 seasons, the M6 ​​show has made its place in France, there every year, generating real enthusiasm. The previous edition of “Duos de choc” (2010), averaged over 2.6 million viewers for each episode. Thus, the channel would like to take the concept and invite celebrities to participate in this contest against time around the world. Season 15 ends April 2022 but M6 entertainment is back starting Wednesday 6 July 2022 at 21:10. ! Candidates, countries, events… Here’s everything you need to know about the new season Beijing Express: Shock Duos.

concept from Beijing Express: Shock Duos

Program Beijing Express has been broadcast since January 15, 2006 and currently has 16 seasons. This program is adapted from the Dutch-Belgian version, Beijing Expressmade in 2004. At the presentation, we find Stéphane Rotenberg from the first episode.

Beijing Express is a race that crosses several countries which competed several teams consisting of two people. These pairs compete on tests that are sport, logic, skill… enabling them to advance to reach the next stage. The goal of each team is tocome first in a different stage to collect as many amulets as possible to collect wins and win up to €100,000 in terms of final victory.

Different from the classic season Beijing Express, in which the candidates participate to win a sum of money to share with their partners, in the “Duos de choc” edition, each team plays for a good cause. Actually, their goal was to raise as much funds as possible and donate to the associations they have decided to represent.

If the race is shorter than in the classic season, the difficulty of the event remains the same and the celebrity does not receive no special treatment. So, each team starts the race with 1 euro budget per day and per person. To get around, candidates must walk, run, hitchhike (where permitted), or use other means of transportation depending on the event (oars, kayaks, bicycles, etc.). They must also be successfully accepted by the locals in order to sleep and eat for free, at the risk of being deprived of food and sleeping under the stars.

The ordeal of Beijing Express

Legendary race Beijing Express punctuated by tests involving the candidate’s logic and skills. Among the important ones are:

  • Immunity test
  • Trial for profit
  • No car sign
  • Last duel
  • Hell’s Beacon
  • Quick Quiz
  • Constraint

This edition of “Duos de Chocs” is no exception. Celebrity or not, teams must submit to this test, without preferential treatment. It’s up to you to find which cult event Beijing Express candidate must take.

Candidates from Beijing Express: Shock Duos 2022

Who said “Shock Duos” said a couple consisted of a celebrity, as was the case in the previous issue in 2010. Therefore this season brings together French personality and one of his relatives (friends, family, companion…) thus forming a team. Here are the candidates Beijing Express: Shock Duos :

  • Valérie Trierweiler (journalist and former First Lady) and her best friend Karine, for Secours populaire;
  • Inès Reg (comedian) and his sister Anaïs, for the association Utopia 56;
  • Théo Curin (swimmer) and his manager Anne, for the association Autours des Williams;
  • Just Riadh (youtubeur) and his best friend Abdallah, for the Les Déterminés association;
  • Rachel Legrain-Trapani and colleague Valentin Léonard, for the Award association.

These five teams will be accompanied by a sixth team, namely couple of strangers. It consists of Yoann Riou and Xavier Domergue, two sports journalists who do not know each other and only met at the start of the race. They will fight for two associations: Wonder Augustine and SNSM.

Stéphane Rotenberg, symbol animator of Beijing Express

Since the show’s inception in 2006, Stéphane Rotenberg has been in charge of the animation. In 16 seasons, he has become a symbol of the M6 ​​adventure program. Stéphane Rotenberg is a journalist, presenter and producer French television. Over the years, he has presented the channel’s flagship programs, such as top chef, Beijing Express, Extreme Convoy, Quick Club, Who’s the mole?, Dominoes Challengeetc.

Thanks to the show Beijing ExpressStéphane Rotenberg has been able to travel to the four corners of the world, in various places, be it big cities, capital cities, mystical and remote places.

Beijing Express: Shock Duos : where the shooting took place?

In 16 seasons, five continents closed, in total 36 countries including 18 in Asia. Usually race Beijing Express across three to five countries. But the special edition “Duos de choc” includes only one. In the previous version, in 2010, the candidates met in India. This year is in Sri Lanka, the ancient kingdom of Ceylon, an island located at the tip of India, in the Indian Ocean. After 15 hours of flight, the start of the race takes place in Colombothe capital city of Sri Lanka.

Release date Beijing Express: Shock Duos

After three weeks of shooting in Sri Lanka, M6 will introduce us every Wednesday, starting July 6, 2022, the adventures of the candidates and the ordeal they must face. Like every season Beijing Expressthe episodes will be broadcast in prime time at 9:10 p.m., one episode per week.

After being broadcast on television, each episode of Beijing Express will be available for replay on the 6play platform for a few weeks. In addition, for those who subscribe to Salto, Beijing Express: Shock Duos will definitely be available on the SVOD (video on demand service) platform, as was the case in previous seasons.

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