Daler Mehndi will be the first Indian singer to appear on Metaverse: all details

Metaverse is the latest buzzword in technology. It is a virtual network where people can take virtual interaction to the next level. With the metaverse becoming a reality, Indians are also very interested in this trend, and many metaverse start-ups are popping up in the country. The latest development is singer Daler Mehndi announcing a special appearance on the metaverse to mark the 73rd Republic Day celebrations. Mehndi thus became the first Indian artist to appear in the metaverse for her audience.

The singer posted a video on her Instagram showing that she will be performing at a concert at Party Nite, one of the first metaverse spaces to come out of the country. Party Nite, referred to as the “Indian metaverse”, allows people to create avatars, play games and earn NFT. Party Nite is “a blockchain-powered digital parallel world where people can hang out with their friends as customizable avatars, meet new people, and have parties and events together,” reads the website metaverse. The platform also allows users to claim, print and sell digital collectibles like NFT.

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Mehndi’s performance on Part Nite will start at 12 noon (noon) IST today. The famous Punjabi singer will perform some of his best songs during the concert.

Global pop artists such as Travis Scott, Justin Beiber, Marshmello, and others have held concerts in the metaverse, allowing users to virtually entertain their fans. Also in India, the metaverse space is gaining momentum and many metaverse startups are popping up in the country.

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