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Cairo (dpa) – The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, has warned Israel and the Islamist group Hamas against violations of international law in the Gaza war.

“I want to emphasize clearly to Israel that they must make real efforts without further delay to ensure that the civilian population receives basic food items, medicines and anesthesia,” Attorney General Khan told reporters in Cairo, referring to the humanitarian situation that very bad in Gaza. Peeling. And to Gaza’s ruling Hamas party and everyone “in power there”: That aid must reach the civilian population “and not be misused or diverted away from them,” the chief prosecutor warned.

Khan indicated that the Criminal Court was already investigating possible crimes on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides. “Obstructing the delivery of aid” under the Geneva Conventions could constitute a crime falling under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, Khan warned. He visited the Rafah border crossing in Egypt at the weekend.

Calls for Israel to be investigated for genocide

South Africa wants to hold Israeli forces accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity for the killing of children in the Gaza Strip. The deaths were “a direct result of Israel’s unlawful actions against the people of Gaza,” said a statement from South Africa’s Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor called for an “immediate ceasefire” and “immediate opening of humanitarian corridors.” South Africa also asked the UN to create a special force to protect Palestinian civilians from further bombings.

As one of the most economically powerful and modern countries in Africa, South Africa is considered a role model and role model for many countries on the continent. South Africa also has influence on the continent through its long-standing membership in the Brics group of key developing countries – along with Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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