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In his Masala Chronicles, Chef Dominique Fieux tells of his culinary experiences and impressions in India. Every Thursday later this year, she shares a reinvented Christmas recipe with Indian inspiration.

The announcement of the celebration of the Lyon Festival of Lights in Delhi on December 8, organized by the ONLY LYON association, delighted me even more because I am a Burgundian at heart and by adoption, I have always celebrated this tradition in the cities bordering the Saône.

From this extraordinary event came the idea for our dinner: playing with our traditions and Christmas spirit while keeping in mind that, to please our guests, we must not forget to highlight the culinary flavors and flavors of India in our preparations. Therefore, on this December evening, preparing my Christmas puddingrevisited with Indian sauce.

Christmas pudding is generally made on the first weekend before Advent, namely 4 weeks before Christmas. This ripening time will allow all the flavors to develop.

Christmas pudding ingredients

50 grams of ghee (or margarine)

25 g flour (any flour will do)

1 teaspoon baking powder

55 grams of paav (or sandwich)

1/3 teaspoon cardamom powder

½ teaspoon masala cat

1/3 teaspoon ground cinnamon

110 grams of Brown sugar (or cane sugar)

175 g dates

70 gr candied mango

30 g candied orange peel

20 g whole almonds

20 gr cashew nuts

150 grams of summer squash (pumpkin)

lime peel

Orange peel

1 egg (optional)

1 kl rum

7.5 kl beer

Christmas pudding recipe

The day before I will start by mixing paav to get fresh breadcrumbs. I then put my almonds in boiling water so I could peel them. I peeled mine pumpkin and cut into small cubes.

In a salad bowl, I mixed them gheeflour that I put yeast in, that is Brown sugarspices and breadcrumbs.

Finally I added the dates, almonds and cashews, roughly crushed, diced mango and orange zest, orange and lemon zest, then mixed everything well. I whisked the eggs, beer, and rum in a salad bowl, which I added to my mix.

I left it in a cool place after taking care to cover it.

Only the next day I will do it cook my Christmas pudding. To give it a traditional shape, I poured my mixture into a round salad bowl, previously greased with butter. I put a piece of parchment paper on top that was in contact with my device, then a piece of aluminum foil.

The slow cooking will last 5 hours and will be done in a bain-marie, at 110 °C.

When it comes out of the oven, I let it cool, wrap my salad bowl in cling film, and leave it in the fridge until Christmas.

On December 25th, I just reheated it in the oven, still in the bain-marie, for about an hour. Once out of the oven, it will be decorated and served with orange-flavored pudding.

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