Store watch- The Pink Elephant, New Delhi

I am an Interior Stylist from India with over 10 years of Work experience with magazines like Elle Decor, BBC Good Homes, Casaviva etc, I run a blog and most recently was the creative head for home and lifestyle in an e-commerce company.  I have recently Launched The Pink Elephant India.

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With my brand, The Pink Elephant, I am hoping to reach out to decorators, stylists & people from across the world and source products for them. I normally find products from various thrift stores and export houses which I will regularly publish on my Facebook page @thepinkelephantindia. The products are cost effective as they don’t need to be purchased in bulk.

Bedlinen2 20139824_447950108920716_636483918005686736_n

Dining&Bar1 Furnishing1

So have a look and let me know what you think!

Home Profile- For the Love of Dogs

Home Profile for The Address- Times of India

There are some who hesitate to adopt a pet citing lack of space. And then there is Rubina Dhankar Qadir Din, who insists that her home in Gurgaon belongs to her 46 dogs while she and her husband share the space with them.


“Life has a strange way of working out.” Rubina says as we meet at her Barsati (terrace), which has been converted to a Living cum Dining space of their house. “I was married and living in Mumbai with my first husband for 14 years. At that point I was a journalist with NDTV and Times now. After my marriage ended I moved to Delhi with my mother and started working with JJ Vallaya as a brand manager,” she continues while sipping her herbal tea. After a few years she moved back and started an ad production company. During this time she dabbled in Interior Design for friends. Finally in 2012 Rubina moved back to Delhi where she met my current husband Abdul Qadir, a fitness instructor and Dog lover as she discovered. “Soon after we started living together in my condo in Gurgaon we started adopting street dogs. No one wanted these dogs and most had terminal illness’s. We started with 12 dogs who have now slowly gone up to 46,”

In the beginning of 2015 they decided to put the condo on rent and look for a larger house with open spaces for the dogs. She shares, “It was getting expensive to take care of them on just my husband’s income so I tried to figure career prospects too. Meanwhile, I put up images of the condo at various sites looking for people to rent.  People started complimented me on the space and design. Soon they started asking me to design their homes.”

The ground floor of the villa was also styled by her, but as the dogs grew in number the space appeared  more lived in. As a result they decided to focus on a living space at the Barsati. The Barsati has two basic rooms, converted as a living and dining area with the open space offering outdoor seating. The two rooms in fact have been left as raw as possible, with just single brick layers of the walls, tin roofs and aluminium doors.

Despite the almost raw sense of style, the space appears inviting. In her own words, “My style is very rustic chic and that is the style I am comfortable with. A lot of the furniture you see here has been designed by me, I believe in reasonably priced furniture but I’ll splurge on accessories. Fortunately my husband is also very house proud. He loves to gift me gorgeous home accents from different designers and stores. As a result, I have a collection of plates from Good Earth and some accessories from Oma. However, the two pieces which have stayed with me from my first house, is the Nepalese Tara statue and the Limited collection Fab India cabinet,” Perhaps due to the overall sense of bareness, we can’t help but notice the trunks. She confesses, “My husband is a hoarder and since the ground floor is devoted to the dogs, we had to find a creative way to store his t-shirts. To find a suitable storage solution, I sourced traditional trunks and made them work as part of the décor.”

Along with the trunk another very noticeable element is mirrors. There are at least three-four in each room along with posters and frame. For Rubina the use of mirrors came naturally, as she loves them, “I think they add character to a space, so I use them a lot. But most people can’t tell how many there are, as I place them in unique ways, each reflecting something unique, for instance the one in the living space reveals the reflection of the chandelier,” she shares.

When she initially started her business, Rubina would request clients to provide dog food as payment for her services. However she soon realised that people could be quite unfair. Sometimes, she would receive only two bags of dog food as payment for the whole house. “That experience shocked me. So now I have a transparent fee structure for my interior styling services. My business really picked up after eight months of styling homes. In fact, now I am tie-ups with different designers such as Sarita Handa, Elvy and so on.” she explains.

With 46 dogs living at home doesn’t entertaining guests pose a unique challenge, we wonder. She agrees, “We used to be sociable, but now with the dogs we rarely go out and even if people come over we hang out at the Barsati. However, my husband and I are both very content with the direction our lives have taken for both us and our babies,”


Shades of India

This story I had styled for Casaviva in October 2011. It takes inspiration from all the bright colours this country is so well known for:-

Photographs- Kartikey Shiva
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

Marigold Orange and Rani Pink

Ochre Yellow and Sindoor Red

Royal Blue and Chilli Green

Trend: Look Book 2014

I Have always said made-ups can change the look and mood of a room and putting those made ups together in an innovative way makes an Interior Stylist different from Interior Designer. StyleCity was invited by the new Home Centre at Pacific Mall, New Delhi to do up a few looks. So we decided to take one room set up and do up three different trends in the same space. Have a look and do let me know which you like or dislike the most!

Home Centre,

Trend: Monochromatic Wonder
We often hear the words Monochrome and wonder what the trend analysts mean. In simple terms it is Black and White and all the shades that fall between, namely greys. This look is always chic and stylish and does well for all genders and all marital statuses. To add a bit of panache you can bring in a hint of reds, lavenders or even yellow and blue. This is definitely our favourite look, what do you think?

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

Trend: Eclectic Mix
We often wonder how we can create an eclectic look in a space. The first step is to understand what eclectic means. In laymen terms it is a combination of styles and tastes from different sources. In this case I leaned more towards Indian Kitsch, so the set up is a combination of bright colours and Indian motifs, while steering away from the traditional.

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

Trend: Colour Mania
We often hear colour is a great way to enhance a space, yet we get confused when we try to combine colours. The simplest way is to decide which colour family we want to go towards. In this case I decided to go for Primary colours and hence did the look with Red+Blue+Yellow. If these feel too stark for you, you can use tints (pastel forms) of these colours and create your look.

Styled by  Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral
Styled by Aparna Kaistha. Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral

All Products were from Home Centre at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar (unless mentioned otherwise)
Styling done by Aparna Kaistha, Assisted by Esha Marwah and Jasmeet Gujral.
These photos are a copyright of

Focus: Indian Spring

If you have ever visited India, you would have noticed the vast variety of cultures, customs and terrains around the country. You may or may not have noticed that we love celebrations, we celebrate dozens of festivals across India and this is excluding weddings. Upcoming first in March we have Holi which is to celebrate the advent of spring and the end of winters. People throw powdered colour and coloured water on each other. And later in April we have Baisakhi which signifies the New solar year. So here is a colourful welcome to Indian spring and a tribute to the various cultures and customs of India.
Photographs courtesy: Karolina Gembara
Styled by: Aparna Kaistha

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1.Phulkari Dupatta,1469, Rs.5,500 each 2.Antique Mirror, StyleCity Rs.2,800 3.Wooden Pot, 1469, Rs.600 4.Antique wooden Plate, StyleCity, Rs.900 5.Rayna Coasters (for colours), Goodearth Rs.475 each 6. Taxi Horn,1469, Rs.150 7.Lassi Glass,1469, Rs. 625

Indian Spring, Indian Spring. www.stylecity.inIndian Spring.

1.Pulkari Pank (hand fan), 1469, Rs.1,100 2.Kandhari Cow, Silk Road &Beyond, Rs.3,400*All images are copyrights of StyleCity. Please give due credit if you use them

Focus- Funky Pattern

Be it Tribal influence, Stripes or Graphic; bright coloured pattern play a huge role this season especially in interior design. Spotted a few weeks back in a Delhi show home was Ikat and other tribal motif’s while retro patterns and prints have been spotted on cushions and cutlery quite a bit the past few years. A great way to incorporate this trend is by bringing in doses of bright patterned fabric and accessories in a neutral room. And you don’t need to stick to just one style, mixing patterns and prints is also a big hit this season..
P.S Remember the shoes I spotted at NDTV Good Times lifestyle awards, same theme

Photograph by Karolina GembaraStyled by Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by Karolina Gembara
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

1. Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2. Pencil Tray, Silk Road and Beyond, Rs.1,995 3.Mug on tray,, Rs.250 4.Stripe Ramekins, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 5.Plates, Home Stop, Rs.249 onwards 6.Cushion used a Napkin,, Rs.800 for set of two 8. Stripe Cake and Knife server, FCML Store, Rs.1,740 9.Earrings, Crazy Daisy, Rs.200 10.Garnet necklace, StyleCity, Rs.1,800

Aparna_1 1111.Background Fabric, StyleCity, Rs.400 per mtr 2.Plate, Home Stop, Rs.349 3.Stripe Ramekin, FCML Store, Rs.1,840 (part of Set) 4.Power Shine Lipstick, Oriflame, Rs.398 5.Hyper Strech Mascara, Oriflame, Rs.398 6.Perfect Blush, Oriflame, Rs.479

Focus: Birds of Feather

This spring why don’t you introduced Bird motifs and feathers into your decor scheme. Bird prints are seen as cheerful and springy and are no longer restricted to just children’s rooms decor. As for feathers, they were seen all over the ramp and are also being seen on various decor accessories like lampshades and cushions. So why don’t you bring these feathery friends into your living space.

Photograph by- Karolina GembaraStyled by- Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by- Karolina Gembara
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

Clockwise from left
1.Background Throw, A.A Living, Rs.3,000 2.Bird Soap dish and tissue box, The Bath Boutique, Rs.950 and Rs.2,200 respectively 3.Pink Cherry Plates, FCML Store, Rs.365 upwards 4.Clay Birds, Crazy Daisy, Rs.250 each 5.Tile Coaster, StyleCity, Rs.600 6. Painted Metal Tea light holder, Crazy Daisy, Rs.1,000 7.Tray, Crazy Diasy, Rs.475 9.Pink cherry soup bowl and spoon, FCML Store, Rs.405 and Rs.245 respectively 9.Metal Candle Holder, Silk Road and Beyond, Rs.495

1.Journal, Paperchase 2.Cappuccino cups, Pip Studio at Liberty of London 3.Rug, Marks and Spencer 4.Doves on Cherry tree, Lladro 5.Cushion, House of Fraser 6.Biennale brooch, Cartier

Focus: 50 shades of Green

Ok, so remember we mentioned that Emerald Green has got the honour of being Pantone colour 2013. But let us be honest, Emerald green as gorgeous as it is for clothes and accessories,is a bit too stark to have all around the house. Which is why, a slightly duller shade of emerald is the one we are seeing in Interior decor. As for me, like I said before, Emerald Green over Honeysuckle or Tangerine Tango anyday. Whether it is clothes or interiors the colour green adds a sense of lush and earthy calm, appealing to our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.
So do bring in these shades of Green in your wardrobe as well as interiors.
P.S- I have already bought myself a pair of Green pants from Promod which I wear everywhere and Green cushions are my latest decor buy, how do you plan to add green to your life?

Photograph by- Karolina GembaraStyled by- Aparna Kaistha
Photograph by- Karolina Gembara
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

From left to Right- 1.Checkered Table,I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.18,000 2.Green Votive, Apartment 9, Rs.450. 3.Antique painted mirror,StyleCity, Rs.2,200 4.Stone necklace, StyleCity, Rs.800 5.Leather Chair, I.S Saxena & Co, Rs.38,500 6.Lotus Candleabra, Goodearth, Rs. 1,230 7.Dress, Akaaro, Rs.7,800

1.Chandelier, Di Alt Lucialternative 2.Glass, Bo Concept, 3.Mirror, Charcoal Project 4.Sugar Watch, De Grisogono 5.Candle, Diptyque 6.Tron Armchair, Poltrona Frau

Treasure Trove

Photographs- Nrupen Madhvani
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

Come October begins the festive and wedding season. In India especially these months are huge with al of us either buying things to gift or for our own houses. Here is a shoot done by me for Casaviva in October 2010, Be inspired and stay Stylish

Silver and Porcelain

Jewellery and Dinner Sets

Bed Linen and Crystal

Indian Bazaar

This isa shoot which was inspired by the streets of India. It was to bring to life the Indian Bazaar and what makes it so lively. All has been done in a studio

Photographs- Nrupen Madhvani
Styled by- Aparna Kaistha

Indian bazaar

Indian Bazaar

Indian Bazaar