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Refugee policy: Faeser wants to speed up asylum procedures

Status: 14/10/2022 13:43 The Federal Interior Ministry wants to speed up asylum procedures. As “Spiegel” reports, among other things, regular reviews of positive asylum decisions should be eliminated. Meanwhile, Serbia’s visa policy was criticized across the European Union. Federal Interior

Good morning! – Currently – FAZ

The most important things to you this Wednesday: Federal Cabinet is discussing changes to the Atomic Energy Act, the Greens want to back the Chancellor’s line, Lindner and Habeck are pledging improvements and the economy doesn’t like an exit date.

Dax company relies heavily on China

Production by Siemens in China China is an important location for Siemens. However, if the European/US and Chinese economic areas were to separate, China would be increasingly a risk to German companies. (Photo: dpa) When he spoke publicly about China,