Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Photographs by Georgi Djalev

So Oktoberfest is definitely on my Bucketlist. I am sure there are lots of others who agree with me on this, so while I don’t know when I will get my own personal experience but my younger brother who is currently studying in Barcelona did manage to go with his class-mates this year during the last weekend of the fest. So I ofcourse asked him for pictures. As you can imagine the first week after they got back was a no-show. Then when I finally did get pictures they sent me 500 to choose from and the little write-up I asked for about the fest came like this
Now let’s be honest I did go through the photos and selected 10 but it is inhumane to ask me to go through all the history to come up with 5 lines. And frankly most of us just love to party so we hardly need an occasion. So here are a few pictures with story from my younger brother Sushant. Enjoy them and hopefully we all get to visit on our own next year!

The evening sky over the Oktoberfest tents.
As insane as it seems, that huge ride is quite a dangerous contraption when one is sober, let alone after 6 litres of beer. So the big slope actually has a rather fast conveyor belt on which you stand (everyone fails and falls flat), you get to the top and then slide down a whirlwind from two storeys high. Try doing this after a day of beer – I did, I fell and I came down happier, ready for more beers.
(Left)Blake Larson, my classmate and friend from the States. He reached Munich a day before us and as is evident was considerably drunk in every photo.(Right) My German friend sorted out bookings and this was the first day. The tent was rather small but had great food and amazing beer.
This ferris wheel was humongous. The photo is not giving the size of the ride its due.
In the streets of Munich, during Oktoberfest one sees this carriage of beer kegs. It’s a symbol to show how beer was transported back in the day and during Oktoberfest they try to showcase some of that history throughout the city. Ze zermans love their beer, clearly.
Our tent on Saturday, the day before Oktoberfest comes to an end. An insane tent with approximately 5000 people packed in. There is something rather energizing seeing 5000 people sing, dance, drink and move to music in unison. This tent was playing a lot of German tunes but even crowd pleaser’s from the 80’s and early 90’s. One of the best nights ever.
Aahh, the group towards the end of the night. After all the jumping, eating, drinking, singing – this was the moment caught on camera where everyone seems to be taking a breather. Maybe the DJ was changing his discs. It was a well needed break! (Thats my brother in the middle. Aww!)

Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

So from Pattaya it was 5 nights in Bangkok, which consisted of lots of shopping and eating, some more eating and shopping. Oh, and also a visit to the newly opened Madam Tussauds in Bangkok, Ocean world and Safari world. Here check out the photo essay.

My Hotel Plaza Athenee- Royal Meredian; the main Lobby


Travelling around in bangkok, funky coloured cabs and Tuk-Tuks


Ocean World just so pretty in Siam Paragon

Safari world: Safari and close up with tigers plus Dolophin show super cute


Madam Tussauds Bangkok, newly opened at Siam Discovery


The various clubs I visited Levels, Club Mixx and Q Bar

Patpong street or Bangkok night market

Travel: Pattaya, Thailand

Hello from Thailand I just reached Bangkok after two days at Pattaya. Have decided to do a photo essay of my Thailand  trip unless I manage to do a proper review, you will definitely read about that. Till then hope you like my pictures.

The view from my Hotel room at Royal Cliff Hotels. I love the view, Sun, sand and water all for me to wake up to. Check out the pool.

A close up of the pool. So pretty the ocean beyond makes it look like infinite sea from this angle.


Walking street at Pattaya. As we reached Pattaya only by 9 pm we decided to go down to the walking street and check it out. Check out these cool sign boards you can purchase. Funky, definite Style pick.

I loved the car which was used at the entrance as decor. No clue how they managed to suspend it on the wall but it looks super cool and funky. (Sorry for the blurred picture I was using a regular digital camera)


Our dinner place J’Noy. Love the chandeliers. You can also buy fresh sea food to cook at your home.


We sat outside by the water to eat dinner. Look at that cool Pattaya sign at the back.

A few of my friends having dinner which mostly comprised of sea food and was delicious, except we look exhausted cause well we had just flown in earlier that day.

Hemingway Terrace: Chilling at this shack by the beach.

I got a foot massage at the beach well cause whats the point of being in Thailand and not getting one. Thats me with the lady who gave me the massage, I am genuinely feeling the bliss you see on my face.

Dream Home: Tanya Luther Agarwal’s home by Preeti Knowles

Interior designer Preeti Knowles designs a stylish home for her friend, author Tanya Luther Agarwal.
Photographs by Anshuman Sen
Written by Niti Singh Bhandari
Styled by Aparna Kaistha

(excerpts Casaviva November 2011)

Interior designer Preeti Knowles,who studied at the American College in London and has a well-known design practice in India along with her husband, interiors and furniture design expert Mike Knowles, is known for innovative concepts and avant-garde designs.A sensibility rooted in form, effervescent style and a deep knowledge of crafts and local traditions, gives to her interiors the kind of depth lacking in designers who want to give/show all in a single project. Spaces designed by Preeti have an innate flamboyance that comes only with refined sensibility and crystallized thinking. The home of children’s books writer Tanya Luther Agarwal in Delhi’s Panchsheel Park was like working for a friend you know well. “Actually, our liking for each other grew as we did the project. Tanya loved the way my home was designed and we just took off from there,” says Preeti. Tanya couldn’t have had it better as she gave the interiors project to Preeti to design on a turnkey basis.Completed in just over three months, the home’s effortless style comes across at first glance. The 2800 sq ft home has a drawing room with a dining area, three bedrooms, one guest bedroom, an open family room with attached study, a kitchen, and the piece de resistance, the Mediterranean styled terrace, complete with pergolas, white grill frames for hanging creepers, a bar, water fountains and a broken slate flooring that enhances the relaxed feel of the space.

Perky pinks, oranges and aqua offset the neutral tones in the drawing-room and the dining area. The wall at the back has a smokeless fuel fire-place, with sleeper wood bars bordering the unit. The Celadon glazed ceramic masks on the focal wall at the back and the white metal coffee table have been designed by furniture designer Mike Knowles. The glass dining table top has an etched jaali pattern. The art work behind the dining table depicting the four seasons of Japan with etching of 24 carat gold paint is by Tanya’s brother.The armless chair with a footstool is a famous design called the Kahani chair designed by Preeti.

Preeti devised a blue and green wall texture in the entrance foyer in synch with the Tangkha artwork. The rough burl wooden border on the mirror is from a local wood picked up by Preeti’s carpenter. The console is designed from local neem wood.Tanya’s bedroom furniture is from In living. The pen and ink Tree of Life artwork is by Noida based artist Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury. The soft furnishings have been designed and made by Preeti, with some accents by Good Earth and Tanya’s mother.The LCD TV is placed above a coral glossy lacquer cabinet designed by Preeti. The Chinese water-colour bamboo and cherry blossom art work was artfully placed by Preeti to enhance the artistic feel of the space.

Son Karan’s bedroom has a leatherite white bed and a Stanley Lazy Boy style chair. The artwork was picked up from the streets of Bangkok.Tanya’s study with a red wall and limed oak finish wooden shelves and chair is an extension of the family lounge area. Most of Tanya’s inspiration is penned here. The black and white artwork is by Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury. (www.studioroy.in). The families chat area has a red recliner sofa re-upholstered by Preeti. The limed oak finish table and chair have a unique vintage charm.

The terrace used for outdoors entertaining at night is inspired by the Mediterranean look. The pergolas are in white metal. The peacock tea light holder is by Italian designer Giandaniele Asquini. The crazy paving broken slate floor adds to the relaxed look of the space. Chirping of birds, green creepers and water fountains sets this space as a virtual retreat.

Dream Home: House in Boulogne,Paris by Sarah Lavoine

For ten years, Sarah Lavoine has developed unique interiors, filled with
warmth, energy, shadow and light.Her rooted Parisian taste – elegant, refined, rigorous and wanderlust –is her signature style. Sarah Lavoine is in constant dialogue with her rulesand references, redefining a new lifestyle à
la Française
. She suggests to her clients original ways of articulating
rooms and volumes, of magnifying natural light and making colour stand out. Here we have a gorgeous house done up by her in Boulogne Paris.
The presence of a glass roof on the ground floor, covering the entire facade of the house, sets the tone for this ambient house. Flooded with light and with view over the green of the trees, this former winter garden serves as a pretext to the layout of the two adjoining sitting rooms.The dining room and the kitchen, sheltered behind a glass frame, have naturally found their place behind this brand new room, and also benefit from the view of the garden.Reshaped through the creation of large openings, the rooms which were previously narrow now express a beautiful continuity with the exterior space.Less altered, the first floor is reserved for the parents, freeing up the space on the second floor exclusively for children. The roof space, up until now abandoned, is now a spare room, available for any passing friends.From top to bottom, the interior affords the house a very contemporary charm. On a white background, the shades of subtle greys, from slate to pearl, tame the natural light and accentuate the effect of depth. Mixing their forms and colours, the old furniture and the current rooms strive for affinity…with success.Without false modesty, but with the elegance of warmth and simplicity, this house achieves a gracious atmosphere.

The Sitting Room

Florence Starck standard lamps, ‘Caravane’ sofa,Paoloa Navone lamps,Morrocan rug

Adopting the angle of the glass wall, an ‘L’ shaped sofa, upholstered in slate-grey linen, defines the contours of the first sitting room. Having half the sofa with its back to the garden emphasizes the volumes of the room opening out onto the corner of the dining room. A palette of serene tones gives way to the lively brilliance and greenness of the garden. At the other end of the main room is a second sitting room. The dark grey walls and the one sofa in white linen create a more intimate, cosy space. Placed above the fireplace, modernised by a covering of plaster in purified outlines, a mirror plays with the depths of the room. Here and there are certain carefully chosen details, such as the photographs by Mona Kuhn or Florence Lopez’s lamp, which catch the eye.

Caravane Chambre 19’ white linen sofa with black braiding, ‘Ecorce’ paint by Sarah Lavoine, ‘Caravane’ rough metal coffe table, Made-to-measure bookcase, ‘Maison de Famille’ Hand blown glass lamp, Photographs Mona Khun (M+B Gallery, Los Angeles)

The Dining Room
A long, lacquered metal table and brand new chairs posed on a Moroccan rug…Nothing else is required for a dining room without sacrificing the need for space and light. On the walls is a collection of pages of old herbariums in a series, creating a picture of autumnal colours.

Black metal lacquered table, Chairs from Italian company STF, Moroccan fabric rug, ‘Caravane’ wall lights

The Kitchen

Stainless steel ventilator & sink, Bistro style table with central leg & lacquered table top, Black lava stone worktop on island, Dark oak worktop and shelves, Blue porcelain wallls

Simple in its outlines, the kitchen has been thought out like a practical toolkit, but nonetheless remains elegant and sober.Behind the central island, with its black lava stone worktop are pieces of Boffi furniture in dark stained oak, with brushed stainless steel tops.Previously an old workshop, the kitchen is arranged behind a glass frame. On either side of the old main wall is an eating corner or a kitchen made to be as discreet as possible.A high, comfortable ‘L’ shaped bench, a group of shelves, cookery books and some coloured glasses, and there you have it, the kitchen affords itself the appearance of a dining room.The use of colour here has redefined the spaces and updated the whole concept. The blue porcelain pushes back the walls of this small space. Materials in matching tones create a soft, feminine ambience.


The Attic
No space is wasted in the attic. It is a multifunctional room where one can isolate oneself. The matt black walls and the striped flooring give the sensation of enveloping comfort. Tucked away in the corner is a bed, creating a spare bedroom for passing friends.  With its shades of black, red and white, the attic resembles a box in which the colours overlap one another, creating a space which is both intimate yet light.


-‘Radis noir’, ‘Piment’ & ‘Jasmin’ paint by Sarah Lavoine,Photographs & wall lights by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute, ‘Caravane’ sofa, Floor cushions in braided linen & portable lamp by Sarah Lavoine, Wooden and rough metal table by Sarah Lavoine for La Redoute.

Dream Home: Kid Rock’s House by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Malibu CA

With clients such as Cher, Elton John and Ozzy to name a few, Martyn Lawrence- Bullard is a genius at creating masterpiece homes for world-famous musicians. Hidden completely from the street, this elegant three-level Malibu villa of Kid Rock is surrounded by palm trees and a lush plant filled courtyard. Kid Rock wanted to create a complete oasis, and Martin has taken inspiration from the tropics to create this warm, inviting space.
The main rooms are located in the ground floor which has stunning views of the green landscape. Here in the master bedroom is a grand four-poster bed with sumptuously draped white fabric hung high from the custom wood-paneled ceiling. This leads into a large living room adorned by stunning furniture chosen by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. This room combines Sitar’s with electric guitars, with the focal point being a grand piano gifted to Kid Rock by Elton John. Moving into the kitchen and dining room, the stainless steel appliances elegantly contrast with the natural wood found on the ceiling, floors and cupboards.
Upstairs is a recording studio where Rock could have late night jam sessions, while downstairs Lawrence-Bullard has added a screening room, gym, game room and four guest rooms for visitors. This is a perfect example of transforming a rock stars passions and desires into a dream retreat.

The front door entrance view which is surrounded by lush green plants and is almost hidden deep with the depths of the area.

Entrance has an Antique Indonesian carving used as the door,while
the Vintage Bison head is from Texas. The Buddha head is from Tara
home, Venice,California and the Black and white honed marble tiles are
from Exquisite surfaces, LA.

Hallway to Master Bedroom Suite has an Antique English bench with
Suzani covering by Nathan Turner. Framed Kid Rock portrait by Martyn
Lawrence-Bullard. On the bench is a Vintage Afghan tribal pillow from
Kathryn Ireland and the vintage Antlers are from Alfie’s, London.Master bed is “Harbour Island” custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard draped in white muslin. The rug is Vintage Tribal Kilim from Uzbekistan while the bed cover and pillows are Antique French textiles. Lamps are Hollywood at Home and Cowhide goat fur pillow is from Harrods, London.

The master bathroom has French limestone and queen marble detail with inserted Indonesian detail. The bamboo shades are from Interior Specialty and the Faux Ivory tusks from Williams Sonoma Home.The Master closet are Antique carved Indian doors while the 19th century Syrian folding chair is from Horseman Antiques, London.

Living room Art is by William Claxton and Frames are custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard home. The bench is from Brenda Antin, LA while the sofas are from Shabby Chic, LA.

Pair of antique club chairs by Jean de Merry and 19th century Indian “Sitars” from Charles Jacobson. Coffee table is custom red-painted “Indochine” by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Home. Sea Grass rug from Designer flooring and side table in an antique Indian table from Sotheby’s Auction, New York City. The Black Soap Stone Fireplace has Antique Indonesian architectural fragments from Opium imports, London.The Artwork above the fireplace is Elephant in Derol Museum. And it also showcases Kid Rock’s Guitar collection.

Dining Room Artwork is “Lais in Havana” by Michael Eastman. Wine table is French Antique from Dos Gallos, LA. Benches are custom-made by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Home. Fireplace is Antique Indonesian architectural fragment. While the wash basin is Vintage red Chinese used for fruit from Mecox Gardens, LA.Kitchen cabinets are Poliform, Stools are French antiques “jeweler’s” stools, light fixtures are Urban Archeology and Storage jars are from Zodiac.

A dash of Gold

Gold is a colour most of use feel a bit wary to try into our homes, even though most of us love it in other areas of our lives like jewellery, clothes, handbags and even make-up. For our interiors most of us find it too extravagant or opulent. I feel it can add a touch of elegance and make a space look grand if we manage to incorporate it in the right way.Fusion Access has launched its latest collection- Dacoit Gold bringing to you a spectacular range of furniture and accessories in shimmering gold, silver, champagne and gun metal leaf.The collection includes Baroque Thieves Gold, Sarpanch amongst some of the furniture pieces of the line.Also on display are the beautiful and unusual wall art prints to complement this metallic collection.







If you are still a bit scared to go in for a complete gold look or furniture you can try to incorporate it with various colours like white, black, navy blue and maroon. And instead of furniture incorporate in accessories.




















1.Fabric, Silkland 2.Tile, Keramos 3.Chair and Ottoman, Chelini 4.Chocolate Rug, Carpet Couture 5.European Winter Romance plate, Wedgewood 6.Espresso Cup, Versace at Rosenthal

Kolkata Musing

Look up at any point, Kolkata won't dissapoint you!
Big Yellow Taxi
Flurys- one of the oldest joints in Kolkata- Mouth watering food and beautiful decor.
Victoria Memorial. She lived in style.
Taj Bengal is the best one I've been to yet! Souk- highly recomended for Mediterranean, European & Lebanese cuisine

Photographs by Chandni Sareen