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Japan’s aid to Ukraine in India stalled

Japan’s aid to Ukraine has stalled in India. According to Sanae Takaichi, leader of the PLD, a situation arose in which India refused a Self-Defense Forces plane to land and pick up relief supplies. “This is a clear case of

Extreme heat in India and Pakistan could claim many lives

/Chinnapong, PARIS – For two months, the inhabitants of India and Pakistan have been experiencing an unprecedented heat wave with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Over a billion people are affected. In addition to health problems, serious economic consequences can

Frauscher sensor technology: focus on mental health

ST. MARIAN CHURCHES. Frauscher Sensortechnik focused on mental health in May. During the month of May, the focus was on the mental health of Frauscher Sensortechnik employees. Many measures revolved around mental health awareness. Targeted topics included mindfulness, resilience, stress