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behind the crisis, the persecution continues

Worship at Zion Church in Sri Lanka was the target of attacks in 2019. Amid the economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka, persecution continues, as illustrated by recent attacks on Christian marriages. Sri Lanka is currently experiencing an unprecedented

Louis Moinet – Only India – Style & Trend

Ateliers Louis Moinet is proud to honor this country through the authentic art of watchmaking. Shergotty Meteorite – Original from 1865 | Unique in the world This Martian meteorite fell on August 25, 1865 near Sherghati, Bihar State, India. It

Vivo in India tourist spot. –

Chinese manufacturer Vivo is facing suspicion from the Indian state, which has taken a bit more interest in the company to the point of seizing $59.4 million from the company, from 119 bank accounts. This investigation follows suspicions of money

India: New VPN restrictions raise concerns

Published in: 07/11/2022 – 00:32 The Indian government recently imposed a new restriction on online browsing: it attacked VPN services, which are used by Internet users to browse anonymously on the Web. New Delhi says these hidden connections could hinder