Can you take a shower after a night workout? This is the doctor’s explanation page – Evening exercise is an option for people who have trouble getting up early or who are busy at work.

Some of the sports that can be played at night also vary, including weightlifting, cycling, badminton, tennis, and futsal after work with friends.

After exercise, washing your body or taking a shower becomes an important routine to get rid of sweat and dirt from exercise.

However, can you take a shower immediately after a late night workout?

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The doctor’s explanation

Slim + Health Sports Therapy sports medicine specialist Michael Triangto explained that washing your body or taking a shower is a must every time you finish exercising.

If not, the sweat from exercise can cause skin irritation and facilitate the growth of fungus on the skin.

“When we finish exercising, we are also obligated to cleanse our bodies,” said Michael, contacted Kompas.comFriday (3/18/2022) night.

Also, explained Michael, body temperature will rise after exercise and the body will warm up and sweat.

Sweat will also draw body heat out with the dirt, but not separate from the skin.

When the body is still warm and immediately rinsed with cold water, according to Michael, it will trigger health problems.

“There’s a quick change, open pores, warmer body temperature than usual, then showering with cold water. Of course the pores will shrink,” he said. Explain.

These narrowed pores prevent body heat from escaping as it should, which can harm health and cause insomnia.

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Freshen up before taking a shower

Michael explained that bathing is necessary for the health of the body and the protection of the family, but taking a shower immediately after exercise is not allowed.

There should be a pause or waiting time between the end of the exercise and the washing of the body.

“Generally, if you exercise outside (at home), it takes time to get home, so there’s plenty of time to cool body temperature,” Michael said.

If this is the case, it is allowed to take a shower as soon as you get home.

However, if the exercise is done at home, Michael said not to immediately wash the body or take a shower.

Ideally, wait half an hour to an hour to ensure that body temperature has returned to normal.

“Half an hour or an hour would be more ideal to make sure that the body temperature has returned to normal and that it’s happened recovery. What is the sign? Pulse or heart rate returned to pre-exercise heart rate,” Michael said.

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A hot bath can be an alternative

Michael explained that if you don’t have time to cool off after exercise, you can wash your body or take a hot shower.

“After sports, if you can wait it will be more ideal. But if you don’t have enough time, please wash your body or take a hot shower,” he said.

It should be emphasized that what should not be done is after exercise immediately take a shower with cold water. This will cause the pores to shrink.

Showering with cold water is also prohibited not only during night sports, but also during morning or afternoon exercise.

“You don’t have to be at night, nor is it allowed during the day. Unless it’s cooled down first, it’s fine,” Michael said.

However, it is always advisable to make sure and wait for the cooling process of the body to finish, then wash the body or take a shower.

“It will definitely be felt if the sweat is still flowing, it means the process is not over. But if the sweat is a bit dry, that means the process is complete, you can take a shower,” Michael said.

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