Calls for resignation and low polls among Democrats

Panic spread among the Democratic Party in the US. Compared to Donald Trump, Joe Biden looks weaker than before. Do we need a new presidential candidate ASAP?

Of the many figures, it was neoconservative Republican Bill Kristol who opposed President Donald Trump in March 2020 and instead recommended a Democrat for election: former Vice President Joe Biden. Today, a year before the next presidential election, Bill Kristol got scared — and suddenly changed his mind.

Kristol has been called a “Never Trumper,” a Republican who would never support Trump. And that’s why he’s now opposing Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate. The reason is, Kristol is no longer confident that the incumbent president can return to replace the former president.

That’s why he wrote a few days ago on X (formerly Twitter): “President Biden has served our country well. I’m confident he will continue to do so next year,” Kristol said. But Biden must sacrifice himself for the common good. Kristol demanded: “It is time for Biden to announce that he will not seek re-election in 2024.”

Democrats are panicking

Anti-Trump Republican Bill Kristol shares many Democrats and many Americans who – as evidenced by surveys – do not want 80-year-old Joe Biden to run again. There’s real panic going on in the Democratic camp these days. In recent days, many US media outlets have increasingly reported on party members criticizing Biden, his election campaign and his performance. Alternative candidates to Biden have repeatedly been put forward, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s campaign has struggled to address these concerns with confidence. The argument from Biden’s camp: A year before the election, most Americans haven’t given much thought to the decisions they’ll have to make in 2024. Biden’s poll numbers will improve, they insist, as soon as it becomes clear who will run against him on the Republican side.

An issue that Biden supporters seem to be ignoring: Recently, a new survey showed that Donald Trump is in some cases far ahead of Joe Biden in the “swing states” that will determine the upcoming election. In other words, in highly competitive states that candidates must win in order to take the White House.

“I’m concerned,” Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said recently. He was already worried before knowing these numbers. And he was concerned about Donald Trump’s “seemingly inexplicable credibility despite an extraordinary number of accusations, lies and abuses.”

Trump is considered invincible

In fact, at the moment it looks like a “rematch” in the US, namely a repeat of the 2020 presidential candidate duel. Donald Trump will probably be able to run as a member of the Republican Party despite the many ongoing legal processes. Historically, he leads by wide margins over internal party rivals, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his former UN ambassador Nikki Haley. And Joe Biden, as the incumbent, is certainly considered an established candidate among the Democratic Party despite his advanced age – especially since he himself has given no indication that he might have anything else in mind.

The Democratic Party is trapped in an absurd dilemma that can be boiled down to a formula: Joe Biden’s political agenda seems popular, but it’s not.

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