Broadcom announces job cuts following VMware acquisition

In May 2022, Broadcom announced that it would acquire VMware for $69 billion. The company announced the completion of the deal on November 22 after quickly receiving regulatory approval from China. Now an online report suggests that the company is planning to lay off VMware employees.

Email sent to affected employees
As Business Insider reports, the affected employees received an email from the company. “Broadcom recently completed its acquisition of VMware. As part of the integration planning and after an organizational needs analysis, we identified the future roles that will be required in the combined company. We regret to inform you that your position will be eliminated and your employment will be terminated,” the email said.

“We would like to thank you for your commitment and service. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible, including offering a generous severance package and providing a period of time off with pay,” the email continued.

The company has not disclosed the number of employees affected.

VMware, which had more than 38,000 employees as of February, had already suffered job cuts before the acquisition was completed. In September, VMware told employees they could be offered either a job at Broadcom, a transition position or severance pay.

Amazon also recently announced job cuts in its Alexa division. The company laid off hundreds of employees. Amazon’s vice president of Alexa and Fire TV, Daniel Rausch, broke the news of layoffs to the team on Friday, November 17th. In his message, he explained that the company is reallocating its resources to focus on generative AI. Read his letter to employees:

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