BNI Indonesian Masters was very close, Bhullar took the lead

JAKARTA ( – The BNI Indonesian Masters presented by Tunas Niaga Energi (TNE) 2023 was very close with Gaganjeet Bhullar (India) in the lead.

Bhullar managed to score an 8-under-par 63 in the first round of this event with a total prize money of 1.5 million US dollars, Thursday (11/16/2023).

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Winner of the BNI Indonesian Masters presented by Tunas Niaga Energi (TNE) 2022 Sarit Suwannarut (Thailand) could only produce 3 out of 74 shots.

Anirban Lahiri (India), Champion of the BNI Indonesian Masters presented by TNE in 2014 was also only able to show a not too remarkable performance with a shot of 2 out of 73.

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Meanwhile, Indonesian golf athlete Jonathan Wijono scored 3-under 68 shots. Jonathan scored all three birdies on holes 2, 4 and 13.

Thanks to this result, Jonathan finds himself in the top 19, with 10 other golfers, including his compatriot Elkie Kow, who also scored 3 under.

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Jonathan said he was proud to have the opportunity to participate in the BNI Indonesian Masters presented by TNE.

“This tour is world class so it has boosted my motivation. It is difficult to go through this tour. So, I am focusing on the quality of my shots, I don’t want to get caught up in the mental pressure,” said Jonathan.

He emphasized that no special weapons were prepared before the second round, which was also the preliminary stage before the third round on Saturday (11/18/2023).

“I really want to maintain the atmosphere of the game, stay conservative and aggressive,” he said.

Jonathan’s teammates, namely Kevin Akbar, Naraajie Ramadhan Putra, Rory Hie and Asep Syaifulloh, were still able to show good play and were able to hold on to 94th place with 23 other golfers.

BNI President and CEO Royke Tumilaar said the first day of competition was very competitive.

All golf athletes have the same opportunity, so the match is very exciting to watch.

He went on to say that BNI’s participation as one of the key supporters aims to strengthen BNI’s Go Global brand.

Moreover, many local and international partners and investors like to watch this prestigious sport.

“We continue to be proactive in promoting branding as well as opening up new global business potentials, including through the BNI Indonesian Masters event presented by Tunas Niaga Energi (TNE),” Royke said. (My)

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