Audi to produce electric tricycles in India

Mikael Dafit Adi Prasetyo, Tribunnews journalist

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BERLIN – Audi is collaborating with startup Nunam to transform conventional tricycles that frequent India into electric tricycles (EV) powered by electric batteries that no longer work.

Gizmochina reporting, Tuesday (6/21/2022), German-Indian start-up Nunam will provide Audi with technology to help create electric tricycles and charging infrastructure.

Nunam chose rickshaws as the target for this electrification project to optimize EV batteries that are running out.

According to Nunam, rickshaws were chosen because they are the main form of transport in cities and rural areas, are not too heavy and require minimal power.

The Audi-Nunam partnership will use EV batteries that have expired and will then be used to power electric tricycles.

Nunam will also provide more eco-friendly charging stations for new electric tricycles across India.

Audi and Nunam’s electric rickshaw prototype

The Audi-Nunam electric tricycle concept will be showcased at the Greentech Festival 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

Prodip Chatterjee, one of the founders of Nunam, said the EV battery that runs out is very useful for tricycles.

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Therefore, strength, reach and weight requirements are central to the Nunam initiative.

The company is also targeting women in the distribution of new electric tricycles in India. The Nunam initiative is overwhelmingly driven by environmental considerations.

Electric rickshaw prototype3
Audi and Nunam’s electric rickshaw prototype

Nunam will use solar panels to generate electricity at its charging stations and the energy generated will be stored in Audi batteries.

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This new green initiative could have a significant impact in India as Bajaj (Bajay) is a major contributor to carbon emissions in the country.

Audi’s Rudiger Recknagel said Nunam has shared its knowledge to drive a cleaner approach to electric vehicle batteries globally.

It’s unclear when electric trikes made by Audi and Nunam will begin mass production.

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