Apple no longer supports credit card payments in India

In India, now impossible buy content or pay for subscriptions at Apple’s online store with a debit or credit card. Manufacturer recommend apple account creditby depositing funds from an iTunes Card or bank account.

The only means of payment for India, according to location from apples.

This, as you can imagine, is very crippling especially when it comes to subscriptions, you have to think about funding your Apple account properly (there is an auto-recharge function).

For a new user who is going to create an account from an iPhone, for example, Apple will ask for complete banking information. This help sheet dated April 18 confirmed that some transactions may not be successful, which is why it is important that the Apple account is sufficiently filled.

Last October, the country’s central bank (RBI) introduced new rules for renewing subscriptions. Banks must now obtain authorization from their customers for this type of payment, made from a debit or credit card. From what we understand, the process is quite complicated.

Last year, Apple be warned developers operating in India that transactions that do not meet these requirements will not be authorized by the bank. The manufacturer strongly recommends promoting payments from Apple accounts.

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