Apple no longer accepts credit card payments in India

The situation is further complicated in India with Apple no longer accepting credit or debit cards for app purchases, subscriptions to services like Apple Music or even content purchases (music, movies or series) through the iTunes Store for example.

Change for card payments in India

Indian customers are now required to add money to their Apple account which will be deducted every month when renewing a subscription or making a purchase. The principle can remember the operation of prepaid cards. Apple has a dedicated page on the website which evokes a new situation:

Regulatory requirements in India apply to the processing of recurring transactions. If you have an Indian debit or credit card and have a subscription, these changes will affect your transactions. Some transactions may be rejected by banks and card issuers.

To continue enjoying your subscription, you can pay with your Apple Account balance. You can fund your Apple ID balance using App Store, Net Banking, and UPI codes.

In October 2021, a decision by the Reserve Bank of India required banks, financial institutions and other groups to seek permission before making credit and debit card payments for auto-renewing subscriptions. Merchants must obtain user consent through transaction notifications, electronic credentials, and additional authentication factors. The bank or card issuer will reject transactions that do not meet the requirements of the directive.

Apple has previously warned developers that the best way to promote payments through their apps is to use customers’ Apple account balances. Developers can also provide a billing grace period to give users time to correct their payment information if they experience problems completing a transaction.

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