Anti-China Quadruple Task Force Strengthens Indo-Pacific Maritime Security: Use Satellite – Promising to bring tangible benefits to the countries of the Indo-Pacific region, the leaders of the Quad group have launched a maritime surveillance plan there.

Quad itself is an informal alliance made up of four countries, namely the United States, Japan, India, and Australia.

They agreed on the importance of partnerships in the Indo-Pacific to help islands and countries in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.

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In tracking illegal fishing and other illicit activities in the waters in real time, the Jakarta area quotes the news agency AlJazeera.

Although the Quad does not explicitly mention China, the group’s presence is intended to address long-standing grievances from countries in the region.

In particular on illegal fishing by Chinese vessels in their exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

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According Economic periodChina is responsible for 95% of illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific.

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