Anger of Indian Prime Minister as 2 women were stripped naked and paraded by crowd

Palembang – Inter-ethnic conflict in Manipur trigger barbaric actions. Two women were exhibited together and undressed. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi anger.

A video of 2 women exhibited naked is circulating on social networks. Apparently recorded in early May, and went viral on Wednesday (7/19). Both women were said to be from the Kuki ethnic minority. Meanwhile, the crowd came from the majority Meitei ethnic group.

“If you don’t take off your clothes, we will kill you,” the crowd shouted in the viral video.

Reported The Guardian as cited Détik Newsfour people were arrested and became suspects the day after the video went viral.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented on the viral video on Thursday July 20 in Parliament. This is Modi’s first comment after the outbreak of inter-ethnic conflict in the state of Manipur in May 2023.

“Action will be taken in accordance with the law. What happened to the girls of Manipur can never be forgiven. As I stand next to this temple of democracy, my heart is filled with pain and anger,” he said. Modi said in his statement.

“This incident in Manipur is a shame for people all over the world. It has embarrassed the entire nation,” he continued.

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