Alter Ego Lumat Global Esports in VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage –

Esports News: Indonesia’s VALORANT team Alter Ego (AE) won Day 1 of the VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage by beating Global Esports, representing India 2-0, on Wednesday (6/15) . After the end of the play-ins and leaving the four best teams to the group stage, now the group stage has started since yesterday.

Being the team that immediately qualified for the group stage without attempting play-ins due to VCT ID 2 champion status, AE showed their fangs in the match against Global Esports in Group B. #IndoPride team was able to dominate the entire map without getting any significant resistance.

The performances of adrnking and colleagues have indeed improved since the arrival of former C9 Korea coach, Try, as the new tactician at VCT ID Stage 2. Alter Ego placed second in the Challengers after being beaten 3-0 by ONIC G.

Additionally, Global Esports is still struggling to compete well enough since Stage 1 of the VCT APAC. Previously, the Indian Champions Series dropout team were eliminated early in the play-ins and finished bottom of Group B with Griffin Esports.

Launched from Esports ID, the VALORANT Champions Tour APAC Challengers 2 Group Stage Series will be held again today, Thursday (6/16) afternoon, and two other Indonesian teams, BOOM Esports and ONIC G, are also scheduled to take place. to participate.

Today’s group stage matches include ONIC G vs. MiTH, Xerxia vs. Rex Regum Qeon, Paper Rex vs. BOOM, and Team Secret vs. Bleed eSports.

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