Aeronautics. To accelerate its development, Recaero invested from Ariège

Strengthen to grow. This is the goal of the company Recaero, which specializes in the manufacture of aerostructural and engine spare parts, storage of raw materials and troubleshooting, which has just announced the start of a new development plan related to a program of more than 5 million euros of investment to modernize and develop its industrial equipment: 2 .7 million euros are planned at the French Verniolle and Mirepoix sites, in Ariège, and 2.4 million euros will accompany the growth of its India plant, in Bangalore, which is dedicated 100% to the production of series parts. “We have to accelerate and look for productivity improvements,” explained Nicolas Pobeau, President of Recaero. This SME capital, founded 30 years ago by the father of the current leader, is divided between the Pobeau family (63%) and the Ixo Private Equity fund.

Thus, through these new investments, financed by bank loans, new industrial machinery (bending machines, milling lathes, etc.) will complete the fleet. In India, it allows integration of surface treatment activities. “We don’t want to move this activity”, Nicolas Pobeau warned. “Indian subcontracting holds a monopoly, without being very efficient. We want to respond to our Dassault customers in this way. »

three continents

With a presence in two continents, Europe and South Asia, Recaero wants to cross the Atlantic to establish itself in the United States, supporting the Ohio-Texas axis, not far from Boeing and Airbus in Canada, but also Lockheed, which is located in the south of the country.

The project provides for the acquisition of established companies, with a turnover of between 6 and 8 million euros, and parts of which are certified. Overall save time. “We are not planning a joint venture. We want to be the boss to direct the business,” said Nicolas Pobeau, who plans to operate it under the Recaero banner in the first half of 2024.

With 280 employees in France and 280 in India, Recaero, which has a turnover of 40 million euros, expects 50 million euros this year.

Audrey Sommazi

In the photo on the front page, technicians work in a precision measuring room in the workshop of equipment manufacturer Recaéro.

In the second photo, Recaéro President Nicolas Pobeau.

Credit: Rémy Gabalda – ToulÉco.

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