Accused of eating beef, Muslim Indian burned alive

A viral video on social media shows the victim being attacked by a group of people.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI — Days after the burnt body of a Muslim man was found in Bihar, India, a video has now surfaced on social media allegedly depicting the same man. The video shows the victim being attacked by a vigilante gang over the cow issue.

reported from Sputnik News, On Wednesday (23/2/2022), the victim was Mohammad Khaleel Alam Rizvi, also a member of the ruling Bihar Janata Dal-United (JD-U) party and a resident of Samastipur district. He disappeared on February 16, then his body was found burned and buried on the banks of the Burhi Gandak River two days later.

In a two-minute video circulating on social media on Tuesday (2/22/2022), Rizvi is seen being questioned by his attacker while being repeatedly whipped for not responding satisfactorily. However, the faces of the attackers were nowhere to be found.

They are heard asking where all the cows are slaughtered and being asked about other people involved in the slaughter of the cows. Victims are also asked to reveal how much beef which he had consumed. The video would have been published first on instagram then on other social media platforms.

Bihar Assembly Opposition Leader Tejashwi Yadav shared a Hindi news article condemning the incident saying:

“Law and order has been completely lost under the rule of the National Democratic Alliance of Bihar. A young Muslim man, who is also the leader of Janata Dal-United (JD-U) was beaten, burned alive and buried “, he tweeted in Hindi. .

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Yadav also asked the head of state to explain why such incidents continue to occur in Bihar. “Why do people take the law into their own hands? ” he said.

The Bihar government is led by NDA alliance partner JD-U and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The RJD is the main opposition party in the state. According to media reports, police initially said that Rizvi was killed due to a financial dispute and that the music video was actually meant to hijack the case. But now the case is also being investigated from a beef-eating homicide perspective.

Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal and worship it on special religious occasions. In about 20 states out of a total of 28 Indian states, cattle slaughter has been illegal since the Hindu-leaning BJP government came to power at the federal level in 2014.

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