A therapist in Saint-Pierre for a series of conferences on Ayuverda,

Still little known in France, Eric Bhat is in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon to present this 5000 year old traditional Indian medicine.

Ayurveda is considered the first holistic medicine in history according to WHO. It treats the body as a unified body and mind and not as several isolated parts. Created by the sages of classical India, the Rishis, this Ayurvedic tradition dates back several thousand years.

The basis of Ayurveda is not to treat the symptoms of a disease like traditional medicine, but rather to treat the cause. Ayurveda awakens within each of us our natural self-healing power. He testified that medicine is not the only thing that can cure us.

According to this traditional Indian medicine, we have the ability to heal ourselves, like all living beings. Therefore, we can act actively for our health every day and provide our body with the food and lifestyle it needs to maintain good health.

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This week, residents of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon have the opportunity to discover this approach or to deepen their knowledge, with the arrival of Eric Bhat.

Eric Bhat is an Ayurvedic therapist in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. He is in Saint-Pierre this week to offer a conference. The challenge of this conference is to answer questions from the public, to clarify everyone’s balance, and to see where it can be improved. According to him, Ayurveda is more than medicine, it is a philosophy.

All pathologies when they occur, have their own remedy.

He explained that our health depends on the energetic balance of our body and mind with the five elements: cosmos, air, fire, water and earth. A balance that can easily be disturbed by the rhythm of our lives.

Previously a journalist with a fast daily newspaper, Eric Bhat discovered the practice one day through a yoga teacher friend. One thing led to another, he left everything to study this medicine in India. He had been doing it now for twenty years.

The conference takes place at CACIMA:

– Tuesday 14/06 from 20:30 to 10 pm “Definition of Ayurveda, Doshas and constitution of Ayurveda”

-Thursday 16/06 from 20:30 to 10 pm “Your 5 belly jobs”

– Saturday 18/06 from 20:30 to 22:00 “Ayurvedic plants and what they bring”

Eric Bhat was Marie-Josée Abraham’s guest at the Brume de capelans show.

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