A 104 year old Indian woman fulfills her dream to learn to read and write

Never too late to learn. This hundred year old Indian man brilliantly demonstrated this by realizing his childhood dream: reading and writing.

Credit: BBC News India

If you’re feeling too old to start something new, you’re sure to change your mind after reading this amazing story of this Indian girl.

Kuttiyamma was a stubborn grandmother and is now happy. At the age of 104, this resident of the state of Kerala, in southwestern India, has just obtained a government diploma in literacy with a very respectable score of 89%.

A joy for a centenarian who had dreamed of it since his childhood. ” I always want to know what’s going on in the worldhe told the Guardian. On many occasions, I regretted my inability to read the newspaper, and I always asked the younger generation at home to read the news to me. “.

A childhood dream that came true at the age of 104 years

Credit: KAShaji123/Twitter

Coming from a poor background (he was from a lower caste), Kuttiyamma was never able to learn to read and write, as he explained to the BBC: “ I always wanted to study, but I was married at the age of 16 by my parents and after that I was busy with housework “.

However, Kuttiyamma persevered until he learned a lesson: Lately, when my grandchildren are studying, I sit with them and watch them. A teacher saw my interest and therefore offered me to study too “.

He is now an avid reader who enjoys reading the local paper for two hours every morning. And despite her age, Kuttiyamma doesn’t mean to stop there as our ardent readers have set a goal of passing the fourth year elementary school exams. On the program, mathematics and English. Mission accomplished for Kuttiyamma who can now read the world’s news on his own.

Credit: BBC News India

Credit: BBC News India

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