5 athletes represent Indonesia at Indian Open 2022, these are leaked predictions from dads and co-workers

MEDIA BLITAR – PBSI has decided that Indonesian national athletes will be absent from 3 tournaments in India to be held in January 2022.

Therefore, leading Indonesian athletes such as Kevin Sanjaya-Marcus Gideon, Anthony Ginting, Jonatan Christie, Greysia Polii-Apriyani Rahayu and a number of other national athletes will not participate in the Super 500 India Open 2022 and Super 300 Syed Modi tournaments. India International 2022. .

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However, it turns out that Indonesia has 5 representatives who will eventually go to the India Open 2022 tournament in January, including men’s doubles Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan or often nicknamed The Daddies.

It turned out that apart from The Daddies, there were other athletes who decided to participate in the Indian Open 2022 tournament, namely Tommy Sugiarto, Fitriani and Yosephine Susanto.

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The Blitar Media team will try to review the opportunities of Ahsan-Hendra (The Daddies), Tommy Sugiarto, Fitriani and Yosephine Susanto in the first tournament i.e. Yonex-Sunrise India Open 2022 which will be held from January 18-23 2022.

Ahsan-Hendra or The Daddies will represent Indonesia in the men’s doubles sector at India Open 2022.

Dads’ opportunities in the 2022 Yonex-Sunrise India Open are quite open as many top men’s doubles are missing, like Marcus Gideon-Kevin Sanjaya (Minions), Takuro Hoki-Yugo Kobayashi, to Lee Yang-Wang Chi Lin.

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