Chalkboard Art!!

I came across Dangerdust online while I was reading some trending articles and had to share with you guys. I am awe-struck (not an easy feat) by this amazingly beautiful creative art display. See for yourself!!

Calvin and Hobbes quote, Dangerdust,

Martin Luther King Jr quote, Dangerdust,

Nelson Mandela quote, Dangerdust,

Going by the name Dangerdust, these two students sneak into the classroom and come up with these creative art works made of chalk on Boards. The pair are seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design at Columbus College of Art and Design and prefer to remain anonymous, though they claim most of their class mates know who they are! The duo search for a vacant classroom, a quote from either Google search or friends and lots of chalk and the result is for all to see.


As I always say, art in any form is the best way to get people across countries, race and cultures together! Here is to this dynamic duo, cannot wait to see more of their work in the next semester. And hopefully even more such work once they graduate.

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