Lakme Reinvent, a mouse click away!

If you are anything like me, you would have a standard look with make-up, which has not changed in years. As much as I can put together anything on paper or even a set, my own face is a mystery to me; the second I experiment I look like a ghost in photos, or worse a racoon. Hence the only thing that really changes in my look usually is the colour of the eye shadow and thickness of my eye-liner. So, you can imagine just how excited someone like me is with the new Lakme makeover application, where by you can experiment with different looks online before you make a colossal mistake on your face. Available under the ‘Lakmé Reinvent Studio section on the Lakmé website, this first of its kind application is designed to precision giving the users a chance to create a look for themselves using options across all categories including Face, Eyes, Lips, etc. The application also suggests products and shades that will suit a one’s face along with tips for application tips and tricks along with an option of emailing one’s self the list of products used to create the look.

Lakme Re-invent,

Well I went on the app where you have the option of selecting a model whose face shape is like your or putting up your own picture, mind you a passport style picture;Straight with hair tied back. As tempted as I was to use a model, I was curious to see me in those looks and also show them to you, even though I should have been drunk before putting up such pictures of me on the web, but oh well! (Mean comments will not be tolerated). The app is fairly simple after you upload your picture, you can choose from the collection of products for your face, moving on to your eyes, lips and even your nails. You can check with the before and after pictures and they even mention how you can apply each product.There is also an option of picking from Lakme featured looks, which of course look way better on Kareena Kapoor, who has been styled to showcase those but some did not look as bad on me either(Again, no mean comments!)

Lakme Re-invent, www.stylecity.inLakme Re-invent,

Lakme Re-invent,

So let me know what you think, and try the app and send me some of your tried on looks, we can maybe do a collage and send it to Lakme. and then ask them to gift us some products or a styling session!

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