“Pop” Champagne and Water

Want to invest in some art for your home décor but don’t have the space or not sure you want it to hang on the wall? Well here is a solution- If you to happen have $20,000 lying around, how about going in for the new limited-edition bottle of Dom Perignon designed by Jeff Koons. The bright pink bottle is based on Koons’ famous Balloon Venus; it is a piece of art, open it and you can sip Dom’s Rose Vintage 2003.

Jeff Koons-bottle, Dom Perignon Andy Warhol and perrier

If $20,000 is a bit too steep but you would still like to carry a bit of art with you, or find a funky way to add art to your décor and sip from it get Warhol bottles which are officially available wherever Perrier is sold. The bottles are part of the brand’s 150th anniversary celebration.The new labels include those designs along with some memorable quotes from the artist (like “Art is what you can get away with” and “I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night.”)
So go ahead, invest in some ART!

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