How to prevent rape?

I loved this article by The Beauty Gypsy, which has 10 simple solutions to prevent rape. And no they don’t include carrying mace or pepper spray, banning bikini clad mannequins, as happened in Brooklyn NY or even Mumbai India.  And nope, you don’t need to wear hairy stockings like suggested in China. These suggestions of Ann Bartow, of the Pace Law School in Westchester, US are so amazing, that if followed properly I can assure you the number of rapes of females and even males in some cases will reduce drastically. So do read and all my female and male friends who agree, please hit share!


If the above recommendations fail, I request a supreme court ruling of men not being allowed to step out on streets post 7pm without being accompanied by a woman, if that is not possible they stay where they are till it is daylight, be it in office or home, if seen in public space alone to be jailed instantly for the night. Since so much of our tax money anyway goes to take care of terrorists, am sure we can spare some for potential rapists!
As I have said before, Rapes happen because of RAPISTS not the victims, so please HIT SHARE and spread the word, how to prevent rapes.


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