Walk those Lamborghini’s

To commemorate their 50th anniversary, luxury automobile giant Lamborghini has tied up with luxury shoe makers, Car Shoe owned by Prada for a limited edition Moccasin collection of mens’ footwear. They are beautiful to say the least and have been made in colors most favored among Lamborghinis i.e. red, black, and blue as a reminder of the status symbol associated with the brand and people who drive it.

Lamborghini and Prada, www.stylecity.in

lamborghini and prada-moccasin-car-shoe

A 50th anniversary metal logo features on the lace of each shoe. The Lamborghini shield is enamelled on the back and printed on the insole of the shoes. The moccasins have been made from calf leather and their design is very stylish.  The limited edition shoes feature studded sole that provide high traction grip which is an essential feature required by high speed racers, yet the shoes are very functional and promise to provide luxurious comfort to your feet.The limited edition shoes will be made available in the coming weeks at select Prada stores.

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