Luxe and Stylish: Louboutin comes to Harrods

Luxury French designer Christian Louboutin has opened his first standalone boutique at London’s iconic Harrods. Located on the first floor, the stage-like space is full of archived Louboutins and also offers a wide selection from the designers latest shoe and bag collections.



Designer Lee Broom has created this dramatic new store for Louboutin following in the footsteps of other Christian Louboutin boutiques around the world, to reflect the city in which it is located; Broom’s creation pays homage to London. The space features a white, fanned arch-way entrance that acts as a shop window, aiming to reference the Covent Garden Opera House and create a ‘feeling of suspended reality’, according to Broom.Other nods to the city can be found in the tiled walls, themselves reminiscent of that of the London Underground, and white street lamps which illuminate the footwear on display. Even Big Ben makes his presence known in the arched store window, which has been etched to resemble a giant glass clock face.


For the ultimate Louboutin experience, slip behind a mirrored door and enter the private shopping room. Here, the couture crafted footwear is no doubt waiting to be worn by some of the regular Louboutin lovers. Visit Harrods to experience this beautiful space and indulge in the ultimate sole search.

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