Age of Decadence

There is something magical about the 1920’s; pre-depression that is, that makes me want to travel back to that time. And watching Great Gatsby last night, confirmed the fact. I already spoke about it on Style City but just to re-emphasise, I love the clothes, the lifestyle, the homes, the parties, the cars everything of 1920’s. I know I am romanticising the concept, the 1920’s were probably not the best time for anyone under colonial rule or coloured skin or poor, oh! and of course a woman (I come in all categories) but that is the magic of books and cinema they only highlight the gloriousness of the days gone past. Like I said before I have not read the book so I don’t know how much justice the movie does, I liked it based just on that it is an entertaining movie. But if I was a rich, white girl living in a free country I think 1920’s is the year I would choose- if nothing else to party definitely.



In fact The Plaza, New York has revealed its Great Gatsby suite called the Fitzgerald suite named after the author of the book. Located on the 18th floor of the Plaza, the suite includes various Art Deco pieces and period furniture in addition to pictures of the author and his wife, and photos of the cast of the 2013 film taken by Douglas Kirkland. More unexpected additions to the décor include gramophone-shaped iPhone-compatible speakers and vitrines that will house sporting trophies supposedly won by Tom Buchanan, a prominent character in the film.


4 thoughts on “Age of Decadence

  1. I love the decadence of most of the old eras. I can’t pick a favorite because each one had its decadence factor. Rich with color and beauty. I adore this post

    1. Honestly I don’t see myself as much of a flower child and I find 50’s a little too regressive towards women. For me 20’s and maybe then 40’s would be the era I would choose else I even like the decadence of 2000’s 🙂

  2. Put me in a British country estate around the same time period. Even Downton Abbey is slowly showing some independence for the female characters.

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