Beauty Ritual:The Spa at Shangri-La, New Delhi

Spa Ritual: Serenity Ritual, 210 minutes, Rs.12,000
Location: The Spa Shangri-La, New Delhi

Spa Corridor,Spa at Shangri-La, New Delhi

If there is one indulgence you have on your list this summer; for your birthday, anniversary or just general arrival of summer- Please book in to Shangri-La, New Delhi for their Serenity Ritual. Here is why, for 5 days after the treatment I was stepping out of my place without make-up, was being complimented for the glow on my face and my skin felt as soft as a baby’s. For those of you who have not met me, I have suffered from sensitive-troubled skin all my life, which means I am very hesitant of anyone touching my face with any sort of ingredients. So for me to go through a treatment and recommending it, speaks for a lot. It begins with a steam-sauna for 10-15 minutes. You are then taken through a large courtyard to one of the 5 treatment rooms for your session. The first thing you notice, the rooms are quite big, not cramped with a small water body in the room. The sound of water, at least to me is very comforting, so that combined with the music immediately begins to unwind me.

Soma,Spa at Shangri-La, New Delhi

We then begin with the BIODROGA scrub, which is a sort of salt scrub applied over the body. BIODROGA combines the most noble ingredients of nature with highly efficient high-tech components. Researched, developed and
manufactured in its own laboratories and production sites in Baden. The scrub is not the most pleasant feeling, especially if you have any cuts on the body as it hurts those parts but trust me the pain is well worth it in the end. After about 60 mins of being scrubbed thoroughly, you are asked to rinse it with water, which is when you instantly notice your skin has become 10 times softer and you have lost at least 3 layers of muck which you had not even realised existed. The next step is a full body aroma massage with a combination of Swedish massage which under the expert fingers of the therapist, makes your body feel like liquid. All the knots are removed and you are given a foot-reflexology before being wrapped in a BIODROGA milk and honey wrap. This wrap has nourishing qualities to replenish your dehydrated body with humidity. All this before the magic facial- BIODROGA Oxygenating facial. Again the treatment while being relaxing is not the most comfortable as the product tends to be slightly itchy. Though the therapist promised me, it won’t have any after effect it is just how the product works. And well she was right, I did not have any after effect except positive ones. So like I said, if there is one indulgence this summer, I recommend you try out the Serenity Ritual at Shangri-La Spa. I promise you will not be disappointed

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