Chemistry of Drinks at Cafe Ludus

Molecular gastronomy and especially Molecular mixology seem like the new fad these days. Almost every bar or party you enter we have Molecular mixology which was what we were invited to review and test at Cafe Ludus with bartender Clayton Gracias. Since my review of Cafe Ludus I have been there a couple of times and tried their regular drinks so this was my first with their molecular mixology.

Cafe Ludus - Healthy Honeycomb Magarita Cafe Ludus - Smoked Whiskey SourCafe Ludus - Marshmallow Martini

Though Clayton’s explanation of Molecular mixology left more to be desired, with my previous experience what I gather is the idea is to break conventional norms in terms of taste and expectation. So if I was to shut your eyes and made you try the drinks you would get a hint of the original cocktail and a burst of the new added texture or flavour. For instance A Pina Colada will also have a burst of warm milk and is also a lot lighter than the original Pina Colada. Ultimately a lot of molecular mixology depends on a person’s personal taste and mine makes me stay away from most. Well firstly, cause I anyway usually only drink Vodka or Wine and then if it is a cocktail I am very particular about how it should taste and how fattening it will be. Don’t laugh, alcohol is very fattening and I don’t need to add other fattening substances. Well though he went through a list of drinks my favourites were Healthy  Honey  Comb  Margarita, Espresso  Nutty  Martini, B  52  Blast. So if Molecular mixology seems like your kind of science do try it and let me know about your experience!

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