Trend Alert: Stripes

Fashion to Decor- Stripes
Another huge trend seen on the ramp this season was Stripes and everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Moschino to Ralph Lauren to Versace was seen using this print. Be it thin or thick, horizontal or vertical stripes is definitely one trend which is going to be a huge this season and it seems like it is here to stay. Stripes are also making a huge appearance in Home Decor, which is not all that surprising since they are everywhere and if used well can add spunk to a room. Fellow blogger Katie came up with spot vs stripes for this week, you can see her blog here where I also participate and you can too

trend- Stripes

1.Rainbow chair, Cappelini
2.Huges Road chest, Portside Cafe
3.Stripped Pouffee, Next
4.Plates, Missoni Home
5.Cushions, Marks and Spencer
6.Stripped Clocks, Diamantini & Domeniconi

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