Luxe and Stylish: Goodearth

GOODEARTH celebrates the culture and history of India, a rich and diverse land
with its unique mix of vibrant colour and serenity. GOODEARTH captures the essence of Indian style, where contradictions coexist naturally and easily. Each year, they design and create a collection of products that tells the story of a particular Indian tradition or culture. The designs are original, contemporary, whimsical, yet rooted in tradition.GOODEARTH defines luxury and sustainability in its inimitable style, by encouraging quality craftsmanship and the revival of lost Indian traditions.


Charbagh GoodEarth

Jodhpur Room, Goodearth

At a time that people have been leaning towards western design and moving away from traditional Indian designs,GOODEARTH has been offering an array of original contemporary designs using traditional craft skills and making it look stylish. These designs are provided through beautifully designed products such as tableware and glasses, bed linen, cushions, skin care products and fragrances. With stores in all major Indian cities like Mumbai(Flagship store), Delhi, Banglore and Chennai it is a must visit if you have not been there, Goodearth is also available in Singapore. For more details log on to


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