Tete’ a tete with Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence BullardMartyn Lawrence Bullard is a multi-award-winning Los Angeles based interior designer, renowned for his broad range of styles. His work has appeared in over 4000 publications worldwide including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House & Garden, Vogue, House Beautiful, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and many more, along with 10 coffee table books that feature his projects. His clientele includes Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Cher, Tamara Mellon,Eva Mendes, Edward Norton, Christina Aguilera, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock to name a few. Martyn, who is consistently named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, featured permanently in Elle Décor’s A-List top 25 taste-makers in the world and most recently the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List 2012, is definitely one of our favourite designers at StyleCity. We have featured Cheryl Tiegs home done by him as well as Kid Rocks and we religiously watch Million Dollar Decorators to catch up on his latest designs (also, his accent is drool-worthy). A chance to do an interview with someone whose Style inspires so much of mine and who I personally consider one of the most stylist Interior designers in current times was an absolute pleasure.Though hopefully the next interview is face to face and not via email. Actually, maybe it is safer online, I might not be able to form words if I actually do meet him.

Cher Sierra Towers. www.stylecity.in

StyleCity- Define Style. What do you think makes a house/room stylish?
Martyn-A room is given style by allowing the owners personality to shine within it. The room should always be the backdrop to the owner, their stage set, a place that exhibits both character and energy. Style is the way we live, not the things we own.
StyleCity-What is the one detail that can add or retract from a room?
Martyn-Lighting is everything to a room. If badly lit, a room loses its luster, yet when lit well it will sparkle like a diamond.
StyleCity-What is the best way to add glamour to a space?
Martyn-For me art is the vital touch of glamour to a room. Art is very personal and as such gives an outsider a glimpse into its owner’s inner soul and tastes. While the owner will always feel enliven by his/her personal art collection. Art has nothing to do with the price, it is solely to do with the inner emotions the piece provokes.
StyleCity-What is your inspiration for your designs?
Martyn-My inspiration comes from all around me, every day I see, smell,touch something that will inspire me. Travel however is my biggest form of Inspiration. New countries, cultures , colors , tastes;They all become the threads I weave my decorative tapestry from. It is the most important thing to me to see the world and experience all the beauty that each new culture has to offer.
StyleCity-Any particular family of colours you tend to lean towards?
Martyn-My style is very eclectic so I like a lot of different colours. I tend to love vibrant colours.
StyleCity-How would you do up your own personal space?
Martyn-I decorated my own home to feel like I believe it would have in the 1920’s when it was built. I have 18th century Italian furniture mixed with vibrant colorful exotic fabrics and juxtaposed with a collection of contemporary and modern art works including Warhol and Basquiat and a fine collection of photography. My home is my experiment pad and as such I constantly change it , add new pieces and change the color palette. I always have a summer and winter look. That way my home always feels fresh to me.
StyleCity-Favourite interior/product designers?
Martyn-I admire the amazing work of David Collins. The fantasy of Tony Duquette , the modern glamour of kelly Wearstler , the exoticism of Jacques Garcia , the attention to detail of jacques Grange , the theatrics of Renzo Mongiardino , the color combinations of David Hicks and the english historically inspired interiors of Robert Kyme.
StyleCity-What era/year according to you was most inspiring for interiors/you would have liked to live in
Martyn-I would love to have lived in the 1920s, it was a very glamorous time.
StyleCity-What will be your luxurious buy for 2013?
Martyn-I always try to buy at least one good piece of art a year to add into my collection. Currently I am passionate about photography and have been collecting large-scale pieces. However I think my main luxury buy for 2013 will be a small beach house in Malibu, California. I’ve been looking forward to this one for quite some time
StyleCity-Any design Faux-Pas you would like to erase from your past?
Martyn-My whole career has been a learning curve so I have learnt from my mistakes and they have been good lessons for me to learnt.

For more details and to contact Martyn Lawrence-Bullard please log on to www.martynlawrencebullard.com

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